Indianapolis is the place for new grads to make a splash

“I am am always blown away by the level of collaboration that the Indy tech community gives each other,” Ryan Green said. “I’ve come to learn that the reason the tech community here is so supportive is because they’ve all had to overcome struggles together, the resources that are here are shared generously, and we all help each other solve problems.”

In June 2014, Ryan Green was a Purdue University student just beginning an internship with Salesforce. A recruiter on staff learned about something called “the ultimate tech internship experience” for the nation’s top tech-skilled students and thought Ryan was a perfect fit for it. (Of course, he was, as the interview process proved.) That’s how he became one of the first 50 interns in the inaugural class of XternTechPoint’s highly competitive 10-week summer internship program that pairs tech-skilled college students with tech companies in the Greater Indianapolis area.

In fact, Ryan’s Xtern experience was so nice, he did it twice! He worked at Salesforce during his first Xtern summer and returned last year as an Xtern with

Prior to graduating from Purdue with a bachelor’s of science degree in computer and information technology, Ryan applied to and accepted a spot in another inaugural class — TechPoint’s IndyX Tech Fellowship. The new two-year program places developers, designers, and product managers with leading companies where they can hone their skills, fast-track their careers, and have and impact Indy’s tech community.

As a Tech Fellow, Ryan has returned to and is currently working as a Partnership Analyst, helping to manage the whole life cycle of third-party applications, from inception to design to sales enablement.

TechPoint staffers Claire Shipley and Sally Reasoner with Ryan (second from left) and a fellow Xtern at the the 2015 “NO-Tech” Xtern retreat.
Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.41.59 AM
Ryan and the Tech Fellows tested their improvisational acting skills during the Tech Fellowship on-boarding sessions.

What was your impression of Indianapolis prior to Xtern?

Prior to living in Indianapolis, I never thought it could be as exciting as the bigger cities. The Xtern program opened my eyes to the many unique things we do have. We have great music venues, exciting night life, and a growing food scene. It’s family friendly, active and has festivals galore all summer long. Indy has a little bit of everything that someone could want. 

What about the Xtern program appealed to you?

After receiving an internship offer from Salesforce, my recruiter reached out to me about a new opportunity they were selecting interns to take part in. I had the opportunity to sit down with Sally Reasoner on campus prior to the summer. During our conversation, we discussed many of the cool and exciting things happening in the city and how Xterns could contribute. What excited me most was the feeling that individuals in Indianapolis truly have the potential to impact the entire city.

Tell us about your 9-to-5 Xtern experience.

What skills (workplace, business or technical) did you learn? What did you learn from this experience as an Xtern that you might not have learned otherwise?

I worked for My role allowed me to learn much of what is necessary to manage new products and new partnerships. I got an incredible amount of business development experience that will be applicable in any job I hold. The 9-5 experience for me with Xtern was similar to other internships I have had, but the special value of Xtern was really more about what was happening outside of work.

What did you experience outside of the 9-to-5?

Anytime I’m asked about what changed my opinion of Indy, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mira Awards. As an Xtern, I had the opportunity to attend and have now been three years in a row. Each year, I am am always blown away by the level of collaboration in this community. Most notably, I remember Max Yoder discussing all of the help and support that he and received in the early years of the company. I never imagined there existed a place that was so collaborative.

Would you recommend Xtern to other college students? 

The most valuable benefit that Xtern provides students is the opportunity to not just see one company, but see more than 40. Throughout the summer, Xterns frequently get the chance to discuss what they are doing and why they like their company with other Xterns. This was huge for me because it allowed me to figure out the kind of work I really wanted to do. There was an Xtern who was doing product management work and it really piqued my interest. Our conversations led to me pursuing a similar role within

How Indianapolis compare to San Antonio?

I can easily say that I enjoyed working for both companies in both cities. In San Antonio, unfortunately, there was very little connecting the two. Here in Indy the tech community interacts so seamlessly. Just this week, is helping support a local restaurant that is having some financial trouble following an accident in which a vehicle took out part of the restaurant. hc1 has even partnered on this with a number of organizations around the city, such as Formstack, PolicyStat and Interactive Intelligence.

What is Indy’s competitive advantage in attracting young talent?

The chance to make a splash.

What is your favorite Indy food?

Honestly, this is the most difficult question on here. If we are talking food trucks, Scratch Food Truck wins without question. Otherwise, I have no idea. It’s too hard to choose.

What’s on your must-see and must-do list?

The Canal Walk and the Cultural Trail. These might seem rather simple, but I love getting out on these two trails because of what they highlight. Every time I’m on the trails I see happy families, exciting local restaurants, and the many events happening throughout the city.

Where do you see yourself at the end of the fellowship?

I have a background in more technical areas of computing but the role that I have through the fellowship and is one which allows me to dive into business development and partner relationships. If possible, I see myself staying with hc1 after the fellowship as our partnership team continues to grow. I think it’ll be a great way to supplement the relationship building activities I will participate in through the fellowship.



The IndyX Tech Fellowship is a two-year program for new grads, crafted to place developers, designers, and product managers with leading companies where they can hone their skills, fast-track their careers, and impact our community.

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