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Learning to Fail Forward: 5 Takeaways from #FailFest14

You learn more from failure than success. The axiom rings true, but how much can you learn from other people’s startup failure stories? That’s the question that the Launch Indiana team sought to answer when they planned Indiana’s first-ever Fail Fest. John Wechsler, Tony Monteleone, and the entire Launch Fishers team spent months hustling to

Collaborative wedding planning tool ‘Plan the day’ helps brides create memories, not stress

Matt and Cristina Goebel faced the same challenges many couples face during their own wedding last year. The wedding planning process is overwhelming, and a lot can get lost in translation with information stored in different notebooks and emails or contracts. Additionally, brides (and their grooms and families) are constantly asked the same questions over and

Angie Hicks and Mark Hill talk startups, lessons learned and life

Imagine packing a sixteen-week, graduate-level startup masterclass into one hour. That’s kind of what it was like listening to a very broad and candid entrepreneurship discussion with Angie’s List co-founder and CMO Angie Hicks, and Baker Hill co-founder and prolific angel investor Mark Hill. Tom Walsh, intellectual property attorney and partner with Ice Miller, moderated