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Can Indiana get healthier through technology?

The amount of information about you, your habits and your health that is stored by various places you visit might surprise you. Whether it’s the grocery store, gym, bike-share service, family doctor or pharmacy, databases around town could offer you a remarkably clear picture of your personal health — IF they were unified. Could Indy

Health tech startup secures $1.25MM, launches QMS software

It was just over a year ago that launched the Alpha version of its quality management system (QMS) software specifically designed for medical device companies. Today, has emerged from a 4-month Beta with paying customers subscribed to its now fully launched core software product, and the fast-growing startup has closed on an oversubscribed

Health Tech Award winner PolicyStat changes the way organizations capture and disseminate knowledge for better outcomes

Carmel, Indiana-based health information technology company PolicyStat received the Health Tech Award for its policy and procedure management software-as-a-service during the 15th annual TechPoint Mira Awards honoring the best of tech in Indiana. The software was created in 2006 to meet the need for a better way to handle policies and procedures in healthcare organizations;