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10 Things You Should Know about Millennials as Customers

Insights from the Interactive Intelligence Interactions Conference event — Meet Your New Customer: Panel Discussion with Millennial Aged Consumers  Now that half of all Millennials (born 1980-2000) have reached the magical 24-year-old consumer demographic, they are rapidly displacing Baby Boomers in buying power in probably every category except health care and retirement services. What this means

Entrepreneurs say free WI-FI for customers earns more sales

If you want to draw new customers and repeat buyers to your small business, offer them free WI-FI and heavily promote the perk. New and repeat customers are just two of the rewards entrepreneurs and IT decision-makers say they have reaped by making WI-FI a free amenity, according to results from the Small Business WI-FI

#FightForSmall launching Hoosier small-business revolution

Although I work in customer service and marketing, I’m also a social justice activist. That’s probably why the word “fight” drew me to the #FightForSmall launch party. That’s not an understatement. Hoosier businesses have a fight on our hands. In an evolve-or-die world, 53 percent of Hoosier small businesses do not even have a website.

3 Ways Coworking Works

What if I told you where we work directly affects how well we work? Studies show that people are 16% more productive and 24% more satisfied with their jobs while working in a suitable environment. And, for startups and small businesses, even the slightest increase in productivity is paramount. Historically, entrepreneurs begin the uphill climb

HJR-3 is bad for the tech community.

Indiana is home to world class tech companies big and small; companies that employ hardworking Hoosiers and remind the coasts that great technology can come from the middle ground. In the last five years alone, 12 tech companies have been acquired or gone public, creating $4.5 billion in market cap and thousands of new jobs.

Interactive Intelligence Climbs Above Twitter and Google on Mashable “Best Tech Companies to Work For” List

Interactive Intelligence has once again topped a list of the best places to work. This time it was a story on the front page of Mashable today, listing Interactive Intelligence above both Twitter and Google. Earlier this year, Interactive Intelligence made two other high-profile lists: Glassdoor Employee’s Choice BEST PLACES TO WORK 2014 Forbes’ The