We’re a business and technology consulting company. We refine, enhance and automate businesses by aligning people, processes and technology.


eimagine takes consulting to the next level. We know business. We know technology. Let us make it work for you!

eimagine is a business and technology consulting company. Our passion is helping clients refine, enhance and automate their business. We might be the only tech company out there to admit technology isn’t the whole answer… You can’t forget about people and processes.

In today’s business world, technology is a necessity. With so many offerings, it can be difficult to know what you need or how to best leverage your existing technology. That’s where eimagine comes in. Regardless of the challenges you face, we have the tools and the professionals you need to improve your business. At eimagine, we know how to make technology work for you.

Are you:
— Struggling to pick the best fit technology platform for your unique situation?
— In mid-implementation of a software product and are having second thoughts?
— Needing to adapt your system to truly meet your specialized needs?

We help you address the root causes of process or system deficiencies so you can help you meet your business goals. Meet customer demands and business goals more effectively by looking at both your technology and processes.

eimagine’s the one-stop-shop for you to tackle the complexity you face by finding what’s at the core of your problems and working together to come up with amazing solutions for it!

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eimagine uses technology to supercharge people, finance, and equipment

Joel Russell, founder and CEO of tech solutions company eimagine, didn’t initially expect to stay in Indianapolis for long. After graduating from Stanford University, he followed his wife here as she completed dental and orthodontics school and they both chose to build their businesses and life together in Indy. Starting in 1998, early successes with