As Innovation Showcase highlighted last week, Indy's tech sector and startup communities are thriving. The growth we're seeing in new firms and technologies and young new talent is driving creation of new co-working spaces with more set to open yet this year.

Both the Indianapolis Business Journal and Indiana Chamber BizVoice magazine have run feature stories about the proliferation of co-working spaces in Indianapolis that offer some perspective on their use and popularity. 

Until recently, the choices were equally unappealing: Spend workdays in the same cubicle farm alongside the same colleagues or forgo the corporate environment for solitary workspace at home or the neighborhood coffee shop.

What is co-working? Now, so-called “co-working” sites are gaining popularity as an alternative.

The shared office spaces are designed to give entrepreneurs, free-lancers and consultants the tools they need to get the job done as well as the chance to interact with other professionals—sans cubicle.

Indianapolis already is home to two such facilities, and three more are slated to open by the end of the year. Most of them have membership fees, and some cater to a certain field. The details might differ, but the concept clearly is catching on as technology changes the traditional workplace dynamic.

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TechPoint staff visited the co-working space Hinge Bureau this week.

Hinge Bureau is one of two downtown Indianapolis co-working spaces that opened in the past year, which follows the pattern exhibited by a number of tech firms and startups that have concentrated in the downtown districts. 

It's not just Indianapolis that is gaining co-working spaces. There are co-working spaces statewide near research universities like Indiana University, Purdue University, and Ball State University to name a few. A list is included in the BizVoice article, including Launch Fishers, which is the focus of the article along with the Launch Indiana initiaitive.

Business success often comes in the form of a small breakthrough that is then produced on a large-scale basis. If that strategy works with individual products or services, why not with innovation driven companies?

That’s the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) strategy behind the Launch Indiana SBDC initiative. It’s building on the 
early success and promise of Launch Fishers, created by entrepreneur John Wechsler and the community of Fishers in 2012.

The very first member of Launch Fishers was BlueBridge Digital and founder Santiago Jaramillo (featured in BizVoice® in July-August 
2013). BlueBridge was the first to exit the co-working space for a new home; it now stands at 20-plus employees with an announcement earlier this year (with Gov. Pence at Jaramillo’s side) of nearly 200 future jobs.

“That’s Exhibit A of why we do what we do,” claims Wechsler, sitting forward on a couch in the Launch Fishers home located at 7 Launch Way as part of the Fishers Library building. “I can’t say we’re going to spawn one of those every six months, but we’ve got some other really cool growth companies that are here.”

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Why co-working? What are the advantages to me and/or my company choosing to locate in or at least use a co-working space part-time? Santiago Jaramillo says he and his firm Bluebridge Digital saved money, improved productivity and expanded their networks in this guest post 3 Ways Coworking Works.

Check out co-working spaces in Indianapolis and across Indiana:

Do you work in a co-working space or spaces in Indianapolis or other parts of the state? What do you like best about your favorite co-working spaces? What do you think are the advantages of choosing co-working space for your place of business? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.