As one of 600 people in the tiny town in Iowa where she grew up, Teresa Becker knew she wanted to venture outside her small world when it came time to go to college. Ever since moving to Indiana for school, her small world quickly expanded. Over the past several years, Teresa held jobs with ExactTarget in various domestic and global marketing positions and most recently took her current position with as Director of Marketing.

As a senior at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, IN, Teresa received a recruitment email from the Orr Fellowship, which she initially “legitimately thought was a scam.” As she started investigating further, however, her perception changed from “this is a scam” to “this is an amazing opportunity.” The Orr Fellowship and a role in the Catapult Program, a rotational program for recent grads at ExactTarget, brought her to Indianapolis after graduation, with degrees in both Marketing and Business Administration

Moving to Indianapolis from Marion resulted in the natural shock that one would expect from a girl who grew up in a town of 600 people. “I thought Indy was a huge city!” Teresa says. But before long, her work with ExactTarget took her to much larger cities across the country. As the first field marketing manager at ExactTarget, Teresa worked with sales reps across the west and central regions of the U.S. to establish ExactTarget’s field marketing department. “I was travelling almost bi-weekly. I got to see and experience many cities I hadn’t been to before: Seattle, San Francisco, Denver – I got to see them all.”

After a year and a half leading the field marketing team domestically, Teresa was asked to move again – this time to Sydney, Australia. ExactTarget had acquired a marketing agency and needed a team to solve problems the agency had experienced. Teresa was sent over as an expat charged with the opportunity to grow and build the marketing team in Sydney and Melbourne. Her year in Sydney was “amazing,” and after a year she considered where she should go next. In the end, she decided to move back to Indy and took a role in global marketing at ExactTarget.

In her role on the global marketing team, she worked with ExactTarget marketing managers all over the world running the go-to-market when the company expanded into new offices. This role allowed her to travel all over the world: Europe, Australia, South America and Southeast Asia.

“I’ve been to all of these cities around the world, but I keep coming back. Indianapolis is home. I feel a sense of pride for this community.” Even the people in Sydney couldn’t compete with Hoosiers. “There are so many things that make Indianapolis great, but number one is people. It’s easy to meet people here; it’s easy to become involved in exciting opportunities.”

Her opportunity to stay in Indianapolis appeared in the form of a new career. She met Brad Bostic, CEO of, and Jeff Lautenbach, Chief Revenue Officer of (although at the time he was working for SAP) while she was working as a private consultant. Instead of utilizing her consulting services, Brad hired her as Director of Marketing at instead.

At hc1, Teresa has grown the marketing team from two people to six. And she’s learned more about healthcare. “I’ve never dealt with the healthcare industry before. It’s a challenge to come into any new industry blindly, but I think for not being a ‘career’ healthcare professional, I’ve been able to adapt quickly and submerge myself into the world of healthcare. My team has been a huge part of that – I’ve had so many resources at my fingertips and everyone is willing to help each other learn and grow.”
Today, she manages a team of six people, focusing on messaging, positioning, branding, PR and demand generation programs (e.g. trade shows, webinars, e-blasts, blog, digital etc.), grows referral and technology partnerships and leads research around international expansion. “hc1 is in conversion mode and we’re moving extremely fast. We’re absolutely getting involved in the patient and provider journey. Today, the experience of healthcare is awful for patients. Just think about your own experiences at the Dr.’s office or your interactions with insurance providers or billing systems. It’s such a different experience than other industries, such as online retail, that have been disrupted. Healthcare is painstaking, it is untimely, and it is confusing. There are many pieces that don’t function properly. hc1 is working with the world’s leading health systems and labs to streamline communication to improve the patient experience by constructing unique patient and provider profiles.”

As she and the entire team continue to drive substantial growth at hc1, they see a clear vision for the future. “We are educating the market on the importance of healthcare relationship management and we’re gaining huge interest and excitement around how we are impacting the healthcare experience both for providers and for patients. We’re personalizing healthcare through combining the ultimate healthcare CRM, real time analytics, and secure collaboration. Healthcare entities need to be part of the evolution from volume to value – and we’re privileged to be leading that shift.”

It seems as though Teresa is in Indianapolis for the foreseeable future – thanks in large part to the Orr Fellowship. “Honestly, I don’t know if I would have looked for a job in Indy out of college if it hadn’t been for the Fellowship. As soon as the Fellowship came into the picture, it was pretty obvious that I had to do this. I’m so glad I pursued it.”

She just finished building a house in Westfield, where her monthly mortgage payments are less than what some of her friends in Chicago pay in rent for a one-bedroom apartment. “You just can’t beat the cost of living in Indy. There is so much to do here. It’s a great home base.”

Teresa and her boyfriend, Matt, have now trained for two half-marathons on the Monon Trail. They love Mass Ave. and Fountain Square for the art and foodie scenes. “That’s what a lot of people my age love. They want to be able to go out and enjoy culture and great atmosphere and get ‘foodie’ food. New places are constantly popping up, so there is always something new to try.”

But at the end of the day, it’s about the people. And for Teresa, Indy wins in that category every time. “Other cities are fun to visit and explore, but they just don’t feel like home. Indy does.”

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