West Lafayette, Indiana based Animated Dynamics, or AniDyn, received the Tech Innovation of the YearAward during TechPoint’s 16th annual Mira Awards honoring the best of tech in Indiana. Animated Dynamics, Inc. (AniDyn) is a biotechnology start-up that uses a breakthrough technology, called BioDynamic Imaging, to look inside living samples of patient biopsies to measure how well cancer drugs are working.



TCPT_Mira 2015 Badge-WinnerMore than 60% of cancer patients receive no benefit from their chemotherapies, which amounts to nearly half a million new cancer patients per year suffering the toxic side effects of chemo without attaining even partial remission. AniDyn’s BioDynamic Imaging directly tests combination therapies and allows the cancer care technician to select the right treatment for every individual patient, improving outcomes.

Animated Dyamics is literally saving lives with its breakthrough technology, and the judges felt strongly that the company’s focus on giving people with cancer more and better options deserved this year’s innovation honors.

In 2014, AniDyn completed two pre-clinical animal trials, one in ovarian cancer, and the other in non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, that proved the model of using BioDynamic Imaging technology to predict patient response to therapy with 90% accuracy within 9 hours of administering the drugs.

Clinical follow-up usually takes three to six weeks before the clinician can assess the patient response. These valuable weeks are lost for unresponsive patients, as they suffer severe side effects for no reason, when better therapies could have been chosen. After 6 weeks, if the patient is not responding, clinicians currently must guess about the best salvage therapy, which for the vast majority of patients has poor outcomes.

With Anidyn’s 9-hour assay, BioDynamic Imaging has the potential to eliminate these terrible lost weeks of chemotherapy, while selecting the combination therapies that can begin to eliminate the cancer within days.



TechPoint, Indiana’s tech ecosystem accelerator, honored 15 companies, entrepreneurs and educators on May 2, at the Mira Awards gala presented by BKD CPAs & Advisors. Mira — Latin for miracle and a variable star thousands of times brighter than the Earth’s sun — represents the best of tech in Indiana each year.

Forty-three independent, volunteer judges spent more than 700 collective hours reviewing and ranking the applications, interviewing the nominees and choosing the winners. Judges are primarily subject matter experts and experienced company founders and executives.


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