Why is WGU Indiana a good fit for you?

I’m a working adult with a full-time job who was looking for a meaningful degree from a reputable organization. WGU Indiana turned about to be the perfect choice for me. I now have several independently recognized IT industry certifications (with more on the way), and the WGU Indiana staff have been very supportive. Beyond the real-world competency educational model of WGU Indiana, there is also the price to consider. For someone attending full-time, WGU Indiana is one of the most affordable options out there.

What do you appreciate about the online model and mentor role?

WGU Indiana’s online model is perfect for my lifestyle. I think the mentor program is incredibly valuable because I’m able to speak with my mentor on a weekly basis to review my degree progress and the steps I need to complete my current coursework. When I have a question about a specific issue, I can usually access a course mentor almost immediately. The online model is great for me because I never have to wait in a registration line and the majority of my book fees are included in the tuition. As a final bonus, I’m able to complete my classes at my own pace. As someone that works well on their own, this is perfect for me.

What is your opinion of the curriculum?

I think the WGU Indiana curriculum is really advanced. I happened to take an online course somewhere else prior to enrolling at WGU Indiana and I have to say that I was blown away by the number of resources that were made available for each class at WGU Indiana. The coursework is appropriately challenging, but the requirements to complete each course are outlined in great detail. In addition to electronic textbooks and online learning applications, each class has dedicated mentors who perform regular webcasts as well as an entire community of students who are completing the same course and available as a support resource.

Bradford BrightBradford Bright of Plainfield, IN is pursuing a
B.S. in Information Technology — Software
at WGU Indiana.