PepUp Tech opens new avenues for success through Salesforce software

PepUp Tech has set out to create opportunities for people from underserved communities, using the power of technology to open up new career avenues.

New to Indy? Here’s a great place to start.

How can new people get connected once they arrive on Indiana’s shores? Ask The Speak Easy and their monthly event to help new Indiana residents connect.

2019 Inc. 5000 list reveals high-growth Indiana tech companies

18 privately-held Indiana tech and tech-enabled companies were recognized on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list, 11 of which have been Mira Award nominees or winners.

Game, app and website developer BitLoft hires ‘unicorn employees’

Careful selection of talent and the infusion of key cultural components has contributed to BitLoft’s success in establishing itself within a busy consulting space.

Innovation Day at OneAmerica sets tone for tech-enabled innovation

OneAmerica has set the tone for how innovation can manifest in companies that may not seem tech-focused but are, in fact, enabling better work, better products and better service through technology.
A man wears a headset while seated, staring at a computer screen.

Can Indiana become the hub for the global esports phenomenon?

While the elements for esports success exist in Indiana, it requires a confluence of companies, talent, universities, government and passion and innovation to launch Indiana headfirst into esports.

Educating the educators: the key to a better talent pipeline?

The Infosys Pathfinders Summer Institute, hosted at IU Bloomington from July 14-19 and managed by Infosys Foundation USA, takes a broader approach to the talent pipeline by training teachers in the tools and skills needed to prepare their students for a future in tech.
Profile of black labrador lying down on carpeted office floor.

Culture in Indiana tech companies goes to the dogs

We interviewed several Indiana tech companies who welcome office dogs to understand why they opened their doors to dogs and what they’ve seen as a result.