Justin Keller comes home to Indy tech with Sigstr

When technology emerged as the passion he wanted to pursue in life, Justin Keller thought his future waited for him on the West Coast. But as he unearthed more about tech and found his true calling, he found everything for his career and more in the place he first called home.

DemandJump raises $6 million, stakes its claim as customer acquisition disruptor

DemandJump’s recent announcement of a $6 million Series A round is more fuel for the company and its product that have been undergoing tremendous growth in a short amount of time. The oversubscribed raise will help prepare DemandJump to bring on more tech talent and innovate in new ways. With growing headcount and capital, DemandJump […]

Mark Ohrvall and Virtusa are redefining global, digital workforce model

Tech companies come in all sizes, from the one-person startup to the multibillion-dollar enterprise. No matter how big they are, however, these companies all rely on technology to create their products and sell their services, and the costs to stay at the top of their games can add up fast, especially so for larger enterprise-level […]

Indiana University’s LuddyFest celebrates new chapter for students’ futures

While naming and dedicating buildings on college campuses happens all the time, it rarely brings a week’s worth of celebrations to a university. Indiana University, however, understands that a building like Luddy Hall will bring innovation to the forefront and engage the university’s students, faculty, partners and community in the future of technology. That is […]

Matt Tait infuses tech into Indy’s fine dining with Plat

Born and raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Matt Tait seemed destined to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. From lawyer to entrepreneur, Matt discovered that tech in Indiana was the best place for him to be, something he’s learning more about every day with his new venture, Plat. Learning the ropes […]

Indy Tech Fellowship enables Alex Correa to solve big problems using unique solutions

Growing up in Crown Point, Indiana, Indy Tech Fellow Alex Correa explored his passion for learning and understanding how things worked. “Computers were of course the most magical of things,” he said. Combined with a love for digital media and entertainment, he dove into technology and everything it offered to a curious mind. He followed […]

Indiana IoT Lab opens in Fishers

Just over a year ago our community celebrated the announcement of the Indiana IoT Lab, a new space to be opened in Fishers that would give technology companies a place to experiment with devices related to the internet of things. The union of hardware and the internet would enable new ways of interaction with the […]

The Combine brings tech world to Bloomington

The Combine arose from the need for an innovation and startup conference focused on Bloomington's small but growing tech community.