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4 lessons learned from one year of TechPoint virtual events

At TechPoint, we've learned four key lessons from a full year of executing virtual events. Learn more about how to create exceptional event experiences when an in-person gathering isn't an option.

“TechPoint Path to Equity in Indiana Tech” Series open to public this November

The statement we have heard the most this year—and one we’d all be happy never hearing again—is that 2020 has brought “unprecedented times.” The truth is, though, that the global pandemic has shed light on and exacerbated many of our society’s systemic problems, some of which have been with us for centuries. The issue which […]

Six Ways to Take the Oscars of Tech Virtual: Lessons Learned From Planning the 2020 Mira Awards Gala

Plans were well underway for the 21st annual Mira Awards gala to be held at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis when COVID-19 hit. Like so many other organizations, our grand event plans were thwarted.  But TechPoint isn’t like many organizations. Tech is in our name, and leveraging it was a natural pivot. With virtual […]

6 Amazing Technology Facts Only Few People Know

Today’s world seems to be entirely dominated by technology. We can find it almost everywhere around us. Think for a moment about how much technology you usually need every day to work, study, or do your homework. It’s incredible how much technology we use every day, from transponder car keys to automated alarm systems, from […]