Assuming your customers are happy is a bad idea.

What voices are the most important voices to be heard for any B2B business? My hope is that most people would agree that you have to hear the customer’s (or potential customer’s) input. You simply will not have a business if you do not have a customer to sell your products or services to. However, […]

Don’t share photos of your children. ‘Sherish’ them instead.

Photography today is driven by the instant gratification of social sharing through photo sharing apps. Proud parents, especially, love showing off the amazing things their children are doing. (Everyone has to see the first time your child eats sweet potatoes right? It’s a must!) However, is sharing these photos over the Internet dangerous? When you share […]

From Indianapolis to L.A. to NYC to Austin and Back Again

Ed Rice has lived in Los Angeles, New York City, and Austin, but has now made the move back to Indiana. This is the home of his alma maters: Cathedral High School, Ball State and IU, and he’s working as a product designer and strategist for Angie’s List. His friends are all asking why; he […]

The Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs: #6 Indianapolis

Indy is at it again, gaining national recognition as a fast-growing tech hub. Fast Company magazine named Indianapolis #6 on “The Next Top 10 Cities for Tech Jobs” list. We already knew this city was doing great things, but it is great to see others recognize it as well! Our recent Central Indiana Tech Workforce Study showed […]

Content production made easy with Rundown

Sometimes the hardest part of crafting content is deciding what to write about and determining what the audience will interact with most. Sometimes it feels as though it’s a shot in the dark. What if I told you there was a new software-as-a-service product coming out that will measure not only the channel success, but […]

Y!kes! Proximity awareness tech startup is making life simpler.

Everything is now automated or on-demand. With the snap of our fingers (or push of a button) we can hail a taxi, get the lawn mowed, and even order dinner and drinks. When we go on vacation or travel for business we expect the same on-demand, hassle-free style of service. We want what we want […]

TechPoint gets triple dose of young talent

With Indiana’s tech industry growing rapidly and TechPoint continuously increasing its impact on talent, scaleups and community — we naturally need more hands on deck. Every part of our organization is growing in innovative and exciting ways. The Xtern program has already doubled in its second year, and we expect it to continue to grow […]

‘Roust’ your friends to the latest social network

There are two groups of people who will be enthusiastic about the launch of Roust, a new social network dedicated to controversial discussions — those who love to stir the pot online and those who hate it. Roust founders, Mark LaFay and Nathan Frampton, hope to take the posts about politics, policy, religion and social issues […]