Sales Strategy: Handling strong objections with grace

Editor’s Note: As executive vice president of sales at PERQ, Jenny Vance has helped to guide three different cohorts of TechPoint Sales Bootcampers through rigorous hands-on, real-world sales training experiences. In an effort to further amplify her insights into effective sales strategies and approaches, we’re happy to present this thought leadership piece authored by Jenny […]

Sales team struggling? How to get to the root of the (real) problem

At some point, every sales manager is confronted with a team or rep who isn’t performing well. To get to the root of the problem, managers often spend time shadowing reps and listening in on calls. They believe there is a training issue or that they will uncover a reason to cut the rep loose. […]

Prospecting voice mails for complex solutions require special skills

I have seen many people squirm when facing the daunting task of creating sales messages for complex or intangible products and services. Many marketers mistakenly believe it is easier to develop winning messages for a commodity. However, it’s just as easy to script a three minute conversation around a complex sale because the objective is […]

How to Build a Better Prospecting List

Whether you are a young, growing company, or an established organization, if your solution has the ability to target a large range of industries it can be tough to know where to start. Building a lead generation campaign when you don’t know to whom you are selling takes some ingenuity, but it can be done. […]

Data-Driven Marketing: What does that really mean?

Marketers talk a lot about how data drives strategic decision-making, but what does that mean and how can you apply data analysis to campaign strategy?  We recently released an infographic on best practices when prospecting to healthcare IT companies. In order to glean these best practices, we looked at actual data across approximately 350,000 call […]

Seven Factors of Successful Lead Generation Campaigns

I often am asked, “What makes a lead generation campaign successful?” After running hundreds of campaigns across various industries, I’ve learned that while each campaign is unique, there are seven factors that contribute to the success of a lead generation campaign. 1. Data Set. The quality of the data sets the tone for the entire […]