“There are many ways to solve problems you don’t even know exist,” says Indy Tech Fellow Harrison Kiang

Indy Tech Fellow Harrison Kiang is fascinated by complex problems. Software engineering is a great passion of his because it allows him to tackle unique technical challenges on a daily basis and find solutions that provide value to the user. He seeks out new learning opportunities around every turn and is constantly looking to apply […]

SXSW showed the Indy Tech Fellowship that innovation can begin from a single idea

The first class of TechPoint’s Indy Tech Fellowship, powered by the TechPointX talent multiplier program, will soon conclude an amazing two years. It was up to the Tech Fellows themselves to decide how to celebrate the memorable experience they have shared with each other and with the Indy tech community. After two years of planning […]

Kyle Potts believes in the creativity and artistry of programming

Born in Highland, Ind., Kyle found his passion for technology not in a classroom but in a dumpster. When he spotted the old discarded computer, he took the opportunity to learn more about it by attempting to boot it up. Eighth grade Kyle didn’t have the resources to purchase a new operating system for the […]

Tylor Garrett is passionate about mobile, learning and Indy

Indy Tech Fellows like Tylor Garrett know that mobile is the future of technology. With a strong focus on Android development, Tylor’s position as a software engineer at Angie’s List is engaging his problem solving skills to a new level. Tylor is an Indianapolis native with family roots in the tech industry. His father’s career […]

Chelsie Kasun believes there is a place for creativity in tech

Chelsie Kasun was born near Evansville in Newburgh, Ind., and she was influenced at a young age to pursue her natural creativity. Two high school math teachers had a big impact on her and opened doors she didn’t know existed when they encouraged her to explore computer science as a possible match with her passion for design. They taught her that there is a place for creativity in tech.

Indy Tech Fellows like Aaron Humphrey are problem solvers

At a young age, Aaron discovered a love for cracking puzzles. Born and raised in Warsaw, Indiana, he explored a natural desire to take pieces of hardware apart to learn how they function. Putting them back together was an entirely different challenge and in his words, “the most addicting puzzle I could find.” Aaron enrolled […]

Software engineer Ben Wencke loves the creative process

For Ben Wencke, the Indy Tech Fellowship was the perfect next step after college to put his passion for building things to good use and to make an impact on his community. Growing up in Mays, Indiana (population around 100), Ben never thought Indianapolis was small. It was the “big city” to visit if he […]

Nathan Nieman has a passion to create something new

Born in Anderson, Indiana, Nathan knew from a very early age that he was interested in becoming a software engineer. “I remember in 6th grade we were asked to fill out a form that asked for one thing we would like to accomplish that year. I wrote ‘create a website’. Learning more about Indiana’s tech […]