Indiana bias crimes bill worrisome without protected classes

TechPoint president & CEO Mike Langellier encourages you to contact your legislators and voice your opinion on Indiana bias crimes bill SB12.

Indy should feel the motivating burn of being overlooked by Amazon

This should be a galvanizing moment for Indianapolis to further the strong collaboration amongst our converged industries, organizations and companies that came together for this bid.

Support passage of tech-friendly legislation and tech growth policies

We are nearing the critical last few weeks of the 2017 legislative session and key legislation needed by the tech, entrepreneur, and innovation community is at risk. As our legislators make important decisions about what to prioritize this legislative session, they need to hear from us about what we value. Key Legislation before the Indiana General Assembly […]

RFRA Culture war stifles emerging growth companies

Dear Tech Community – While RFRA legislation obviously requires lots of clarification that even legal scholars disagree about, what is clear is the impact it’s having on the brand of our state and on our tech community and companies. We’ve been working behind the scenes with a coalition of others to find a solution to […]

Tech policy requests for this year’s legislature

A new legislative session has begun at the Indiana Statehouse. While TechPoint is a private, non-partisan non-profit that is not a lobbying organization, decisions made at the Statehouse can impact our tech community so we do make efforts to inform legislators with data like that from the Tech Workforce Report and about tech policy that […]

Reflections on the Connections Conference in Indy

As we all know, on the final day of the Connections conference, the Salesforce leadership team announced that the conference will be in New York City in 2015. Before learning about the decision to move, TechPoint, the Indy Chamber, Visit Indy, and Downtown Indy banded together to showcase our city and tech community to the […] partnership with Beckman Coulter reminds me of how Silicon Valley got started

Those of you who know me know that while I love a new tech story, I also love a good history. Here is a local story that combines the two. The new tech story: While meeting with Brad Bostic, CEO of, I learned that hc1 had formed a recent partnership with Beckman Coulter. hc1 […]

Lemonade Day is helping address the need for talent and jobs

As Orr Fellows, my wife Carrie and I both had amazing experiences in and around entrepreneurship at the start of our careers. Those experiences led to me co-founding my own software startup before taking the helm here at TechPoint.   Of course, my wife and boys were the very best things to happen to me […]