Why You Don’t Need to Be a Techie to be a Tech Marketer

Before I co-founded a tech company, I ran a marketing agency. My agency didn’t focus exclusively on the tech sector. In fact, we specialized in brand identity and product marketing, working with organizations in a variety of industries. Upon jumping into tech, however, I’ve been surprised at the number of marketers who get scared away […]

Scale-up company marketing from the inside out

Product, price, promotion and place have guided marketers for years. These “4Ps” may be relics of the traditional marketing age, but today’s successful scale-up companies are wisely including the most critical “P” of all — people. As tech marketers, we know our numbers. Inbound activity, stage conversion and renewal rates are top-of-mind. In this early […]

The marketing function changes as a startup grows into a scale-up company

In startups, marketing is most associated with one function: demand generation. After all, the early stages are the proving ground for getting the product in front of as many prospective users as possible. And for good reason: These at-bats are invaluable for collecting feedback, cementing product-market fit, and securing early revenue. Today’s tech marketer is […]