Meet Charlene Tay, Data Scientist at High Alpha

Charlene was excited by how the field of data science is a promising way of applying curiosity and technical tradecraft to create value from data. She earned her MS in Data Science from Indiana University and now works at High Alpha.

Meet Alex Schrameyer, Technical Team Lead at Genesys

Alex's father worked in the tech industry, so he was exposed to emerging technologies and the support field from an early age. He started his career as a PC Technician before moving into technical support.
Ashton Chaffee Zylo

Meet Ashton Chaffee, Product Manager at Zylo

Ashton's career path went from working at an investment firm where she gained a variety of skills, to completing her MBA and joining Zylo as a product manager.

Meet Virginie Adams, Product Manager at MetaCX

Virginie has always been interested in math and engineering. After obtaining her degrees from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, she began working at ExactTarget, and her career propelled from there.

Meet Rachel Faulkner, Director of Public Relations at Genesys

Rachel gets to lead international public relations for Genesys from her hometown and current city of Indianapolis. Read about how she started working in tech after a career in a multitude of other industries.

Meet Andy Kennedy, Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap

Andy loves to change they way people see things and impact businesses through great design. Read about why he loves his career at Innovatemap.

Meet Luke Zhang, Machine Learning Engineer at DemandJump

Luke Zhang loves to solve problems with data. Read about why he chose Indy for his data science career.

Meet Meggie Dials, Regional VP of Sales at Salesforce

Meggie Dials shares her career path from ExactTarget to Salesforce and why she's continued to thrive with the company in a sales role.