What makes Springbuk’s company culture so different?

I’m going to do something that I probably shouldn’t do. I’m going to lift the veil on a closed-door leadership meeting at a company that I joined a mere few months ago. See, I recently joined the leadership team at Springbuk, a health analytics company in the heart of Indianapolis. Throughout my career, I’ve been […]

Learning to Fail Forward: 5 Takeaways from #FailFest14

You learn more from failure than success. The axiom rings true, but how much can you learn from other people’s startup failure stories? That’s the question that the Launch Indiana team sought to answer when they planned Indiana’s first-ever Fail Fest. John Wechsler, Tony Monteleone, and the entire Launch Fishers team spent months hustling to […]

The UX Economy: Why biz landscapes are upside down (and what you can do about it)

The term “UX” has been floating around the tech world for years, but it still dumbfounds many business owners. What is UX and why should I care? A few years ago, many business owners laughed in the face of UX design. Some called it a fad. Others claimed it had no effect on the bottom […]