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Careers in Tech
Guide for College Students

Introducing Careers in Tech

Welcome to our explainer guide for current and perspective college students! We’re glad you found us and hope this guide can help answer your questions about the Indiana tech industry and potential careers, what opportunities are available here in Indiana, and how tech skills are valuable across all industries. 

As the midwest tech hub, Indiana’s tech sector is thriving and ripe with opportunities for the future workforce. Indiana offers some of the best jobs in tech along with companies who have invested heavily in establishing an operation or regional headquarters here, like Salesforce. Outside of the large companies, Indiana has a strong small and midsize market, employing more than 90% of the current tech talent. Indiana also offers some of the widest range of tech-enabled and tech-adjacent jobs, too. Did you know that Eli Lilly is the largest IT professional employer in the state? And they’re a pharmaceutical company!

The tech industry is one of the fastest evolving industries in our economy. This constant change means new positions are created at every turn. Before we dive into the list of careers in the tech industry, let’s define what a tech company is. A tech company could be selling a product, like your smartphone or a software program like Microsoft 365. A tech company could provide a people-centered service for technology usage, like IT consulting or email marketing. Lastly, a tech company could provide digital infrastructure, like AT&T internet and data serve centers.

But there is so much more to tech than just tech companies. We like to call these “tech-adjacent” companies or “tech-enabled” companies. These companies are building tech into their products and business operations or employ digitally-skilled workers. This can also be referred to as digital adoption. An example of digital adoption in the medical field is telehealth. In our 21st century economy, every company is a tech company through digital adoption. So, no matter where you fall on the technology careers list, you can find a role that fits your interests and natural talents, grows your skills, and pays you a high salary. 

It was recently reported that nearly three-quarters of Indiana’s tech workers are employed outside of the tech sector, illustrating the widespread need for tech talent and digital skills. Other findings from that report include emerging technologies transforming business in Indiana such, as intelligent systems and automation, cloud platforms, interconnected networks, and big data. Software Developers continue to be in highest demand across Indiana and throughout the nation, with projections of continued growth. Other roles currently in high demand and projected to continue are: cybersecurity roles, computer systems analysts, and computer user support specialists.

You may be asking yourself what are employers looking for to fill their most in demand roles? How can I prepare myself to be a strong candidate when I enter the job market?

Indiana employers are looking for candidates with in demand digital skills along with social emotional skills. Candidates can distinguish themselves in the job market by obtaining credentials, such as a degree or certificate, to highlight mastery of skills. Tech employers seek applicants with competency in social emotional skills like communication, time management, team work, and problem-solving. Closing the Digital Skill Divide report found that 92% of job postings require some level of digital skills. Some of those digital skills are foundational like email or data entry. One of the most in demand tech industry specific skills is SQL programming language, the most referenced software skill. Python programming language and Amazon Web Services have also increased significantly since 2021. Many of these tech specific skills are obtained with a post-secondary degree or certificate program. There is strong demand for certificates and credentials in information systems security, security clearance, and project management.

Digital skills and competencies will continue to drive our 21st century economy across all industries. There are many pathways into the technology sector and strong professional growth overtime. TechPoint sees a unique chance for growth of the digital innovation economy here in Indiana. We have an eye on inclusively growing the state’s tech ecosystem by adding at least 41,000 workers by 2030. College students can prepare themselves now through digital skill development and showing application of their learning through projects and experience. 

Experience + Training

Many tech and tech enabled roles list or require a post-secondary degree in their job description. While continuous learning and education is necessary in the tech field, companies also see the value of relevant experience and are moving towards skills first hiring practices. As a college student preparing to enter the workforce, developing skills and applying course learning can help set you apart as a candidate entering the job market.

There is no one-size-fits-all set of requirements for tech roles. Some companies may prioritize certain skills or qualifications over others based on their specific needs. Below is a list of TechPoint programs and our partner programs in Indiana that offer experiences for College students to develop digital skills. These include certificate and degree attainment, internship programs, and mentorship to help you prepare for a career in tech.