Vennli software helps companies develop and execute growth strategies

Companies of all sizes from all industries strive to uncover the growth strategy that will take them to the next level. What many companies learn, disturbingly slowly, is that not all strategic growth processes are the same. Vennli, a cloud-based software-as-a-service startup coming out of Innovation Park at Notre Dame is helping companies develop and […]

DCODIA app helps student with dyslexia read, saves families thousands

What if your child had dyslexia and it cost you an extra $500 a month just to support her reading and other educational needs? You’d do whatever it takes – it’s your kid – but you would also wonder if there’s a better solution, because at least some of that monthly expenditure should be going […]

Six startup boot camps emerging entrepreneurs should attend

There are six more Indiana entrepreneur boot camps coming up before the year’s end, including one later this month covering stock options on August 27, at Katz, Sapper & Miller. These special boot camps offer mentorship and education that can help you get your startup off the ground, give you expert insights into some of […]

TechPoint, State Launch Tech Startup Initiative

TechPoint, Indiana’s technology growth initiative, in partnership with the Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (OSBE) is launching Tailwind, an initiative aimed at growing Indiana’s most promising innovation-driven tech startups. The new initiative aims to increase entrepreneurial education, startup promotion and investment to help tech startups accelerate their growth. “The Tailwind initiative ensures that […]

‘Crowdvesting’ is legal, but most capital rules still apply

Investing in startups has been the vocation or avocation exclusively of wealthy Americans since the Great Depression. Rules requiring a net worth of $1 million or an annual income of $200,000 for two consecutive years safeguarded the public from 100% of the risks that became all too real in October 1929. Unfortunately, for 85 years […]