What happens after getting funded: reporting to investors

We interviewed three Indiana tech company CEOs to ask them about the process and effort of providing reports to their investors. Their companies have all taken on institutional investments.

Newest $2.1 million funding round fueling Costello’s rise to ‘brand of choice’

By the time the sales enablement software category matures, Indianapolis-based Costello could emerge as the brand of choice.

Venture Capital Perspective: How important is company profitability?

We asked three early-stage venture capital firms who are active in investing in and/or researching investing in Indiana tech companies to share their thoughts on the importance of profitability with respect to making an investment in a company.

IPOs bring questions and value to Indiana companies

In recent years, startups have been eschewing the initial public offering (IPO) to build company wealth in favor of private options like bootstrapping and private equity firm investments. Where does the IPO stand in Indiana and how do tech companies find value in them?

Ask the Founders: Fundraising for tech companies

We spoke with the founders of three companies who recently completed fundraises to gain insights on the process of raising the money and what it means to the Indiana tech ecosystem.