Executives and developers from big Indy tech exits are back together at Bolstra

Dating all the way back to 1995 for some of them, several high-level executives and software developers who worked together at some of Indy’s largest and earliest successful tech exits have joined forces at the fast-growing scale-up company Bolstra, which is a business-to-business customer success management platform.

Scaling company culture during rapid growth

In light of the company's recent and fast growth, PERQ's CEO & co-founder Andy Medley offers three strategies on how to not lose the core of your company culture while being open to talents and ideas from new hires to make the culture stronger.

DMI Indianapolis division will double in size and hire up to 180 people in Indy

Currently with 300 employees, 3,000 client apps and countless large enterprise applications, the Indianapolis division of DMI, Inc. (formerly Allegient), is planning to double in size by the end of 2019.

KAR Auction Services is hiring and innovating before moving to new campus

With more than 17,500 employees working at more than 20 brands and nearly 1,600 at locations in Indianapolis, Plainfield, Fort Wayne and South Bend, KAR Auction Services is continuing to grow and hire.

Purdue Foundry guides hundreds of ideas into brand-new businesses

Born from the challenge to more quickly develop the university’s IP, the Purdue Foundry has guided 203 new ideas into launchable business ventures and secured nearly $350 million in venture funding.