House Bill 1470: Creating the path for data-driven decisions in Indiana

House Bill 1470: Creating the path for data-driven decisions in Indiana

In today’s world, data is knowledge. That’s why it was one big leap for Indiana when the House and Senate voted to pass House Bill 1470 — also known as the Open Data Bill — to formally codify the open sharing of information between agencies. Although the bill was passed just this year, Indiana has […]

Next Level Indiana Fund a BIG legislative victory for tech

As Jared Council points out in his story today — Tech leaders say they’re pleased with Legislative session — the tech community in Indiana just scored a BIG victory by getting the Next Level Indiana Fund included in the state’s budget with the help and support of Governor Holcomb and many supportive legislators. The […]

Indiana should expand scope and size of venture capital tax credits

Currently, the Indiana Venture Capital (VC) space has a limited supply of capital to dispense. Meaning, Indiana startups can often struggle to take a great idea and turn it into a viable company here. Whereas, VC on the coast is plentiful. A tech CEO in Indy recently mentioned that a mediocre idea on the coast […]

Attention Indiana legislators: go big before you go home

For a legislative session that opened with such promise for the tech community, a couple of initiatives look to be staring death in the face. The first, a training tax credit for companies investing in the development of their employees, can no longer be found in any active bills. But not all is lost. Legislators […]

R&D tax credits for startups: what has changed

The federal research and development (R&D) tax credit was created by Congress in 1981 as an incentive to increase R&D spending in the United States. Since then, the credit has been extended 15 times and made permanent by the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act of 2015. Historically, large, profitable manufacturers and software developers […]