What you need to know about Generation Z workers and how they engage in the workplace

Part one of a multi-part series in partnership with the Kronos Indianapolis Technology Center of Excellence and The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated. Generational differences in the workplace is not a new topic for employers, but the way we talk about it has changed. We are gathering more data instead of relying on assumptions, and […]

4 Myths About the Future of AI

What is the future of AI in marketing? In January, IU, Pattern89 and High Alpha hosted an artificial intelligence summit with world-leading AI experts, researchers and senior enterprise marketers to learn about and collaborate on the future of AI in academia and marketing. The event featured IU vice presidents and professors as keynote speakers addressing […]

FirstPerson compensation study provides insight into ‘Total Rewards & Talent Development’ in Indiana

As Indiana technology careers continue to grow and evolve, executives and HR leaders are eager to attract top talent to their organizations. When thinking about recruiting top talent, whether in or out of state, a question on everyone’s minds is what a total rewards package needs to look like in order to be competitive and […]

Why all businesses should pay attention to Big Data

Data scientist and Indy Tech Fellow graduate Luke Zhang shares an adaption of his talk about Big Data and its influences in today's business environment.

VC Report: Q1 2019 investments in Indiana technology companies

There were 14 publicly announced capital raises in the first quarter of 2019 by Indiana tech companies totaling nearly $88 million. In addition, 11 Indiana tech companies were involved in mergers and acquisitions.