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Startup financial projections just got easier

Search “I hate financial projections” in Google and you get more than 72 million results. It’s because the most common spreadsheet templates are complex and confusing with dozens of tabs and thousands of variable inputs. Many entrepreneurs take one look at this kind of Excel madness and give up. The good news is that ProjectionHub,

Super Bowl champ Ryan Diem is proud of his inner nerd.

How cool would it be to have a Super Bowl champion on your board of directors? That’s exactly what they have at CloudOne, the fast-growing tech firm in Indianapolis that specializes in bringing enterprise software applications to the cloud. Former Indianapolis Colts offensive lineman Ryan Diem is on the board. Ryan was part of the

#tbt The Speak Easy opens as clubhouse for entrepreneurs to create, collaborate, and learn

Indy’s Speak Easy opened its doors in February 2012, as the first collaborative workspace serving entrepreneurs in the Central Indiana startup ecosystem. The founders believed in providing a place for education, conversation and “manufactured serendipity.” Aaron Aders described it as a Moose Lodge for startups in Inc. magazine back in 2012. Now it’s hard to imagine

The Tipping Point for Outsourcing

At first, a new business venture builds from within, managing all the aspects of a small organization on its own. As a start-up grows and matures, it begins to focus energy and brain power on a strategy to maintain and support its core business, making distinctions between certain organizational functions that are integral to that

Your 2015 Small Business Technology Checkup

Many smart and forward-thinking companies, particularly small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), are conducting a technology checkup at the beginning of the New Year as a means to increase their productivity and competitiveness in 2015. They compare the technologies they currently use with those that are proving more successful in their industries. Then, they determine what

App creation software company App Press secures investment

App development blossomed into a $68 billion global industry last year, and analysts at app-economy research firm VisionMobile believe it could more than double over the next two years. It puts into perspective a fully subscribed seed investment round led by Elevate Ventures with participation by VisionTech Angels and several individual angel investors in App