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3 Ways Coworking Works

What if I told you where we work directly affects how well we work? Studies show that people are 16% more productive and 24% more satisfied with their jobs while working in a suitable environment. And, for startups and small businesses, even the slightest increase in productivity is paramount. Historically, entrepreneurs begin the uphill climb

Ranking the Best Startups of All Time Ever

It’s not always easy to define success in the startup world.   Sure, user growth, funding and revenue help paint a big picture, and metrics like web traffic and customer churn can fill in some of the details — but when I asked some of my team who they thought the very best startups were,

Bluebridge Digital Investing, Growing & Proving Co-Working Startup Model

Included in today’s record-breaking economic development results for 2013, Governor Mike Pence announced that mobile app developer Bluebridge Digital will invest approximately $311,000 to lease 4,500 square feet of office space in Fishers and add up to 199 new jobs by 2022. Tech companies Perceivant and Gruuv Technologies were also included in today’s announcement of

Five Ways to Improve Lead Generation ROI

Forget connect rates and appointments per lead. If you really want to know how your lead generation program is faring, look to these early indicators that show if you’re on the right track. 1. “No interest,” invalid and “not a fit” trends. Early in a lead generation program, before traditional metrics are even available, there