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Indianapolis now has fiber ready buildings

Businesses in Indiana and throughout the world are evolving in how they interact with their customers, partners, and suppliers. A couple of decades ago, fax machines represented the cutting edge in communications technology.  Today, a business wouldn’t be able to survive relying only on faxes and landline phones to stay in touch with their stakeholders.

Five easy ways to optimize your landing page

Getting customers to your landing page is only half the battle. Once they click, guests need to be delivered to a landing page optimized to convert these new visitors, and then cultivate a lasting and positive relationship with your brand. The good news is that most top performing landing pages are strategically simple with a

Tech policy requests for this year’s legislature

A new legislative session has begun at the Indiana Statehouse. While TechPoint is a private, non-partisan non-profit that is not a lobbying organization, decisions made at the Statehouse can impact our tech community so we do make efforts to inform legislators with data like that from the Tech Workforce Report and about tech policy that

#tbt The Speak Easy opens as clubhouse for entrepreneurs to create, collaborate, and learn

Indy’s Speak Easy opened its doors in February 2012, as the first collaborative workspace serving entrepreneurs in the Central Indiana startup ecosystem. The founders believed in providing a place for education, conversation and “manufactured serendipity.” Aaron Aders described it as a Moose Lodge for startups in Inc. magazine back in 2012. Now it’s hard to imagine

The Tipping Point for Outsourcing

At first, a new business venture builds from within, managing all the aspects of a small organization on its own. As a start-up grows and matures, it begins to focus energy and brain power on a strategy to maintain and support its core business, making distinctions between certain organizational functions that are integral to that

What’s New for Contact Centers in 2015

How appropriate. While here in London on business, I find myself sitting at a Starbucks staring out the window at a very old Windsor Castle as I write this blog. It’s fitting that I’m at Starbucks given that my blog is about the customer experience. Love them or not, Starbucks epitomizes a great customer experience. Why? Because they cater

Why 2015 Will Be the Breakout Year for Women in Business

Women’s empowerment will be front and center in 2015 as more companies and communities invest in women’s entrepreneurship — and as women continue to invest in themselves. Facing a continuing tendency to be locked out of traditional leadership positions, and continuing to earn an average of three-quarters less than men even with the same education

I work, you work, we all (NET)work together – Coworking

Whether you’re a one-man-band or a small, agile team of tech entrepreneurs, co-working spaces provide the one thing that nearly every successful person touts as important: a network. No, not a social network. A real live, face-to-face network — like with human beings. First, a little crash course in coworking. Coworking is the concept of

Our most engaging stories of 2014 really took off in 2014. There’s so much momentum leading into 2015 and so many stories to tell about Indiana’s fast-growing tech scene that it’s only going to get better! We are looking forward to another year of shining a spotlight on Indiana tech companies, startups, tech jobs, tech community events, and the remarkable