Executives and developers from big Indy tech exits are back together at Bolstra

Dating all the way back to 1995 for some of them, several high-level executives and software developers who worked together at some of Indy’s largest and earliest successful tech exits have joined forces at the fast-growing scale-up company Bolstra, which is a business-to-business customer success management platform.

Meet Marta Stanbrough, Success Development Rep at Bolstra

As she watched the Indy tech ecosystem take off, Marita Stanbrough used the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp to launch herself into a career in tech, working for Bolstra as an SDR.

Meet Adam Young, Director of Customer Success at Bolstra

Adam has spent 20 year so far as a professional problem solver in tech. A little over 3 years ago, he joined a brand new company as the very first employee.

What happens after getting funded: reporting to investors

We interviewed three Indiana tech company CEOs to ask them about the process and effort of providing reports to their investors. Their companies have all taken on institutional investments.

Ask the Founders: Fundraising for tech companies

We spoke with the founders of three companies who recently completed fundraises to gain insights on the process of raising the money and what it means to the Indiana tech ecosystem.

Good timing and a purpose-built platform are driving Bolstra’s success

Fast-growing customer success platform company Bolstra announced last month that it closed a $1.5 million seed funding round and that software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry veteran Steve Ehrlich joined the company as chief operating officer. Returning investors include Allos Ventures, 4G Ventures, Collina Ventures, and others. First time investor in Bolstra, VisionTech Angels also contributed to the […]
John Warne Xpat Profile Indiana growth in Technology

John Warne watched Indiana grow from laggard to leader in tech

At TechPoint, we like to interview expatriates from the state (Xpats) who have returned to work at tech or tech-enabled companies after spending a portion of their careers outside of Indiana’s borders. As someone who came back to Indiana 22 years ago, John Warne has a unique perspective of seeing what Indiana was like in […]

Assure Success creates community for SaaS-based customer success in Indiana

If you’ve looked at our Job Board lately, you’ve likely noticed the increase of customer success roles in Indiana tech companies. You likely have customer success managers who represent your company, regardless of the position or title they might possess. Think about every software-as-a-service application you or your company purchased in the last few months. […]