Hoosier Sales Pros powered by AA-ISP helps Indy tech community grow more, better deals

Imagine this scenario. You’re sitting at your desk at the tech startup you joined last month. You are a sales professional and are leading a new crop of eager sales talent. Your team is meeting their goals, but you’re looking for the next big thing to do to increase the capabilities of your team. Where […]

VC Report: Q3 2017 investments in Indiana technology companies

The third quarter of 2017 brought more activity and a much larger overall investment in Indiana tech companies than the previous two quarters. Below is a list of public investments and acquisitions involving Indiana technology companies that occurred in the third quarter of 2017. Archway Technology Partners LLC, an investment management software company based in […]

Costello solves pain points for sales teams that are ‘used to the abuse’

Companies will spend $12 billion this year on technology that is supposed to accelerate sales and increase revenue. However, less than 60% of sales reps will hit their quotas, and the average sales team will deliver only 82% of the company revenue plan. (CSO Insights) According to Frank Dale, co-founder and CEO of a new […]