Unrivaled production partners create unique Mira Awards experience

Another Mira Awards gala has come to a close! Together with Annie Grinstead and her Positive Energy Events team, TechPoint delivered a unique celebration of ‘the Best of Tech in Indiana’ and a memorable night recognizing the people, products, and companies that are drawing so much attention to this community as a center of innovation. Anderson, Ind.-native […]

Delivra still focused on service after investing $1 million in software development

If showing up is half the battle, Delivra is well on its way to winning a battalion of loyal new customers for its email marketing platform and strategic services. Founded in Indianapolis in 1999 with about $600 and a mission to make email marketing faster, better and cheaper; Delivra recently invested about a million dollars […]

5 Ways You Could Be Losing Online Customers

According to Nielsen, American adults spend 34 hours a month online via smart phones, and another 27 hours on laptops or computers. In spite of this drastic shift, many businesses are still failing to grasp the concept of the user experience and alienating customers by using the wrong marketing tactics. Here are five of the […]

Why Mobile Marketing is More Important than Ever

By the end of last year, more than half of all email was opened on a mobile device, and 30 percent of consumers now read emails only on their mobile devices. The good news for marketers is that email marketing is predicted to remain a great way to reach customers and stimulate sales. With that […]