5 steps to keep diversity and inclusion top-of-mind with your employees

In my 16 years as an HR professional, I’ve learned that a diverse and inclusive organization is a well-rounded organization. When you invite diverse talent to help bring your mission to fruition, you’re also inviting new perspectives, perceptions and experiences that create more opportunities for empathetic thinking, creativity, and innovation. Research shows that companies that […]

Investors care more about well-run companies solving real problems than ‘the hype’

Investors from two firms that have attended VC Speed Dating and invested in Indy tech companies share insights into what makes Indiana an attractive place to invest.

Indiana is poised to launch the “new-collar” future of work

Emplify's Nicole Klemp explores the shift from blue-collar to our newly defined new-collar job category, tech-infused skilled labor jobs that bridge the gap between traditional industries and emerging technologies.

Emplify announces new VP and more than 30 new jobs in 2018

Emplify, an employee engagement analytics platform, announced Rachel Clark as its new VP of Product and Engineering, as well as its plans to hire more than 30 people this year. Emplify’s products help business leaders recognize how they can help their employees succeed at work. Agile feedback processes and data-driven insights make up the core […]

Hoosier Sales Pros powered by AA-ISP helps Indy tech community grow more, better deals

Imagine this scenario. You’re sitting at your desk at the tech startup you joined last month. You are a sales professional and are leading a new crop of eager sales talent. Your team is meeting their goals, but you’re looking for the next big thing to do to increase the capabilities of your team. Where […]

Emplify takes the guessing out of employee engagement

As the celebrated management thinker Peter Drucker says, “You manage what you measure.” Drucker means that you can’t know whether or not you are successful unless success is defined and tracked. Imagine a CEO explaining to her stakeholders that tracking sales or customer satisfaction is kind of hard and messy, so she’s just going to […]

Preparing to Hire? Get Ready with these 5 Employee Experience Tips

Summer is once again upon us, and in between backyard barbeques and longer, warmer days, many businesses are preparing to head into a big recruitment cycle. Next to January and February, the most common time for businesses to fill roles is immediately following the lull of summer. So what should businesses be thinking about now […]

New ‘Agile Marketing + Coffee’ meetup finds its footing

Many tech product companies in Indianapolis provide a software-as-a-service product aimed at solving problems for businesses. No matter what the core emphasis is or industry they serve, there are similarities amongst all of these tech companies. Each has a tech stack of developers and engineers who produce a product, a sales team to bring in revenue, and […]