Struggling to hire top tech talent? Modernize your employee benefits

Today’s fast changing market requires an agile approach to employee benefits. But have you reviewed your total rewards package lately? Over time, your organization’s people strategy, as well as your current and future workforce have likely evolved. You might still be investing in benefits and programs that are no longer valuable to your employees, or […]

Have Tech Employees Stayed Grounded During the Pandemic?

“It’s like being an astronaut on the International Space Station.” This is how I heard someone describe life during the pandemic. I think they were thinking of work, in particular, because of it’s solitary quality right now. So many of our interactions coming through a screen—at once close and distant. Maybe also on their mind […]

Can employers require COVID vaccines? Should they?

With more COVID-19 vaccines being administered every day, we finally can prepare for a post-pandemic workplace. Before we get there, though, employers need to consider how they’ll respond to the vaccine itself. Will they require workers to be vaccinated before returning to work? Will they make accommodations for those unwilling to get the shots? Will […]

Rightsizing with Empathy

Making the decision to reduce employment expenses is one of the most challenging situations a leader can face. Although there are many options, such as reducing or eliminating retirement plan contributions, pay cuts and other operating expense cuts, staffing reductions may be necessary. Rightsizing with empathy will help position your organization as strongly as possible […]

FirstPerson compensation study provides insight into ‘Total Rewards & Talent Development’ in Indiana

As Indiana technology careers continue to grow and evolve, executives and HR leaders are eager to attract top talent to their organizations. When thinking about recruiting top talent, whether in or out of state, a question on everyone’s minds is what a total rewards package needs to look like in order to be competitive and […]