A meeting at Mira led to Rover180 acquisition of Vemity

In the case of the much-publicized acquisition of Vemity by Rover180, a competitive encounter during the Mira Awards has led to a prosperous acquisition.

Mira Award win had national impact on FreightRover’s business

Mira Award winner FreightRover had one of those years in 2018 — the kind of year where everything comes together and people take notice of what you’ve accomplished. In the case of FreightRover, an entire industry took notice and it started in the spring when the supply chain finance company took home top honors as […]

FreightRover wins Best New Tech Startup Mira Award

Transportation logistics and automation platform juggernaut FreightRover won the Best New Tech Startup award during TechPoint’s 19th annual Mira Awards gala honoring the best of tech in Indiana.