Stephanie Cox | Lumavate: No-Code and The Democratization of Tech

Behind every major tech headline of acquisitions, expansions, and raises, is a story of how a community supported the individual. And often, a story of how the individual continues to support the community. These are the stories of TechPoint’s The Circuit, a new interview series dedicated to serving up the human stories behind the tech […]

Indiana’s collision course with a ‘perfect storm’ shortage of tech talent

As our workforces prepare today for the dynamic economic landscapes of tomorrow, perhaps more than ever before it is clear that finding and retaining talent is job #1. Foundational research commissioned by TechPoint in late 2021 revealed that while there are many points to celebrate about Indiana’s growing tech workforce, there are also key talent-related […]
Stephanie Cox, President | Lumavate

Stephanie Cox named President of Lumavate, unveils plans to expand leadership team

Today, Indiana-based Lumavate announced Stephanie Cox's new role as President of the organization, as well as her planned expansion of the leadership team. This announcement marks a new stage in Lumavate's growth as a no-code leader in the mobile app technology field. Since the Lumavate team has moved into a remote work model, the organization will be able to draw in a competitive pool of talent for new senior leadership roles.

Survive & Thrive: How a strategy shift made Lumavate stronger

The world hadn’t seen challenges equal to those we endured in 2020 for more than 100 years. Today we offer the first in an occasional series that focuses on how Indiana tech companies survived and/or thrived during the pandemic. One Thursday in March 2020, everyone was in the Lumavate office as usual. “By the next […]

Lumavate helps customers leap ahead with new progressive web apps functionality

When major brands want to engage with their customers in a different way on mobile, it’s fast-growing Indianapolis-area tech company Lumavate that makes it all possible.

Meet Tim Butler, VP of Enterprise Delivery at Lumavate

Growing up, Tim always had the urge to take things apart and figure out how they worked. Today he spends every day analyzing problems and coming up with the best solutions.

Lumavate is ushering in a new era of mobile from Indy

Having already earned a reputation in the market as a “disruptor” for several global brands, including a Fortune 100 company, Lumavate expects to be the dominant enterprise platform for PWAs as they become the preferred alternative to native apps.

VC Report: Q1 2018 investments in Indiana technology companies

During the first quarter of 2018, there were four publicly announced capital raises with a combined total of over $33 million. There were also six acquisitions of Indiana tech companies by out-of-state companies, while two Indiana tech companies played the role of acquirer.