TechPoint celebrates Indiana’s tech builders at fourth annual Tech 25 Awards

TechPoint, the growth accelerator for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, celebrated Indiana's extraordinary tech builders last week during a special luncheon ceremony at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway honoring the Tech 25 Class of 2018. The event was held at the pavilion next to the iconic IMS Pagoda in conjunction with the second annual Indy Women in Tech LPGA Championship.

“There are many ways to solve problems you don’t even know exist,” says Indy Tech Fellow Harrison Kiang

Indy Tech Fellow Harrison Kiang is fascinated by complex problems. Software engineering is a great passion of his because it allows him to tackle unique technical challenges on a daily basis and find solutions that provide value to the user. He seeks out new learning opportunities around every turn and is constantly looking to apply […]

Join TechPoint and the United Way for eye-opening poverty simulations

The end of the year is magical for a number of reasons, all of which depend on who you talk to. For sales professionals, both end of quarter and end of year sales goals are (hopefully) met. For managers, the end of year signals performance reviews. But for many, the end of the year isn’t […]

Indy path led Michael Schutter from gamer to full stack developer

Like so many of the Indy Tech Fellows, Michael Schutter’s first exposure into the world of Internet technology was through video games on his computer. Although he was born in South Dakota, he attended high school and college in Indiana. This is where he chose to study computer science because of the many job opportunities […]
Women’s groups INSIDE tech companies provide a support system

Women’s groups INSIDE tech companies provide a support system

While men might outnumber women in the technology field, there is no lack of support for women in technology in Indianapolis. In fact, as a show of support and encouragement, many women’s groups have been created in internal organizations to support the efforts and contributions of women in technology. In Indianapolis alone, we’ve identified a […]

Agile process helps NextGear Capital grow by billions

There is perhaps no bigger buzz in software development right now than the Agile process. Why? Because if there’s one thing software developers can’t stand it’s putting their heart and soul into building something that nobody uses. Agile is the cure for waste and inefficiency and Carmel, Ind.-based NextGear Capital is a company on the […]

League of Xtraordinary Programmers attracts out-of-town tech talent to Indy’s tech community

On August 5, over 200 talented techies attended TechPoint’s League of Xtraordinary Programmers event presented by NextGear Capital at The Crane Bay in downtown Indianapolis. It was a night filled with drones, games, 3D printers, and a focus on Indy as an emerging tech hub. Our League of Xtraordinary Programmers event is positioned to attract […]

Calling all nominations for the CTO of the Year Awards

Do you know a commendable chief technology officer, a very valuable vice president of tech, or a dazzling director of technology? Nominate her or him for the 2016 Indianapolis Business Journal and TechPoint CTO of the Year Awards. What you should know about the awards: The 2016 Indianapolis Business Journal and TechPoint CTO of the […]