OneAmerica® develops talent playbook other tech and tech-enabled companies can use

While the skilled trades like carpentry and masonry have had a clear pathway to employment since the 16th century through apprenticeships, and plumbing and electrical have had them for nearly 100 years, apprenticeships and other clearly defined paths into the professional services and industries—like technology—have lagged behind at best or never really taken hold. Of […]

OneAmerica’s José Martínez believes innovation starts with people

Technology may continually change, but José Martínez believes that one thing never will: business success is all about the people. Recently appointed as OneAmerica’s SVP and chief information officer (CIO), José is responsible for the traditional objectives of a CIO: leading technology initiatives and driving business value to the organization. His approach, however, is not […]

Innovation Day at OneAmerica sets tone for tech-enabled innovation

OneAmerica has set the tone for how innovation can manifest in companies that may not seem tech-focused but are, in fact, enabling better work, better products and better service through technology.