PERQ Marketing Cloud bridges the digital gap for big ticket transactions

Indianapolis-based PERQ has launched the PERQ Marketing Cloud, which is the first product of its kind targeting the roughly $100 billion “considered purchase” market.
Two employees sit at a large conference table with two laptop computers.

VC Report: Q4 & end-of-year 2018 investments in Indiana technology companies

The fourth quarter of 2018 turned out to be a busy one for both venture capital investments and acquisitions in Indiana. Over $45 million in funding was publicly announced, with $34.8 million going to Scale Computing of Indianapolis in one of the largest capital raises for a tech company in Indiana in recent years.

Scaling company culture during rapid growth

In light of the company's recent and fast growth, PERQ's CEO & co-founder Andy Medley offers three strategies on how to not lose the core of your company culture while being open to talents and ideas from new hires to make the culture stronger.

Meet Fabian Rodriguez, Sales Development Rep at PERQ

After his experience in the TechPoint Sales Bootcamp program, Fabian Rodriguez took on his first job in tech at PERQ as a sales development rep, generating new potential avenues of revenue for the company.

Meet Rachel Kilroy, Sr. Product Manager at PERQ

Rachel began as a developer and was presented with a career path choice to continue down a technical path or transition to a business path. From Kraft Foods in Wisconsin to PERQ in Indianapolis, read Rachel's story to learn about her career in tech.

Agile Marketing Indy establishes an impressive tech foothold

A little over a year since TechPoint last covered it, Agile Marketing Indy has evolved into an impressive stakeholder in Indy's tech and marketing communities, thanks in part to several significant but positive changes that occurred in just the last few months.

Gen Con celebrates gaming while shifting perceptions of Indy tech

With this year's Gen Con fast approaching, Alex Sventeckis connects with Gen Con staff and members of the Indy tech community to understand how the convention has mirrored the evolution of Indy tech and shifts outside perceptions.

Taking ownership of your future in a scaling organization

Michelle presents useful advice and tips on actionable steps for both employers and employees to enable high-quality talent to leverage the benefits of a scaling organization and build their futures.