PepUp Tech opens new avenues for success through Salesforce software

PepUp Tech has set out to create opportunities for people from underserved communities, using the power of technology to open up new career avenues.

Salesforce Pathfinder training program unlocks new tech talent

Since June 2018, the Salesforce Pathfinder training program has seen two cohorts graduate with 83 participants and another in progress with 80 participants—well on their way to their 500 person goal.

Meet Amanda Shields, Senior Signature Success Engineer at Salesforce

It was an "Introduction to Informatics" class that led Amanda down the path to a career in tech rather than music. Despite her passion for music, IT and it's daily puzzles was a more fitting field.

Meet Lindsay Siovaila, Lead Solutions Developer at Salesforce

Lindsay's career path took her from creative design to full-stack developer all while working for the same company -- Salesforce. Read about her role as a community leader in tech in this post.

Meet Meggie Dials, Regional VP of Sales at Salesforce

Meggie Dials shares her career path from ExactTarget to Salesforce and why she's continued to thrive with the company in a sales role.
Meghann York of Salesforce speaking with her colleagues

Meet Meghann York, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce

Meghann knows the acquisition process twice now from her experience at iGoDigital, ExactTarget and now Salesforce. Read her story to learn about her path from startup to scale-up to enterprise marketing in tech.

Will Salesforce’s ‘change the world’ equality approach influence Indy CEOs?

What does it mean to have equality as one of your business’ core values? For Salesforce, equality as a core value is not a PR campaign. Salesforce wouldn’t be “Salesforce” without it.

Will Salesforce drive customer success in the fourth industrial revolution?

Salesforce sees the fourth industrial revolution to represent profound change and major societal transformation, which will shape and shift how customers buy products and how marketers sell them.