Four Tips for Safe Travel

It’s no secret that since the onset of the pandemic, travel has changed. The ability to travel has been significantly impacted by border restrictions, quarantine requirements, and travel bans, and many would-be travelers are feeling overwhelmed by the long list of varying and frequently changing travel requirements. It can be discouraging to attempt traveling in […]

The pandemic halted the travel industry but couldn’t ground Seven Corners

The pandemic upended nearly every business in the world, none perhaps more than the travel industry. With cities across the globe sheltering in place and airlines grounded, Seven Corners saw two of its three revenue streams impacted overnight. Some company leaders might have panicked a bit, or at least swallowed hard as 2020 played out. […]

The misunderstood opportunity of product marketing

Innovatemap's Tina Hafer details the field of product marketing and shares thoughts from other tech leaders on how businesses can create the framework to best activate product marketing professionals.