Assure Success creates community for SaaS-based customer success in Indiana

If you’ve looked at our Job Board lately, you’ve likely noticed the increase of customer success roles in Indiana tech companies. You likely have customer success managers who represent your company, regardless of the position or title they might possess. Think about every software-as-a-service application you or your company purchased in the last few months. […]
Abby Dorsett Xpat Profile

Welcoming back Abby Dorsett, Hoosier native attracted home to Indianapolis’ tech scene

Overall, though, Abby has been impressed by the tech community in Indiana and the hospitality of the city. “I love the warm welcome I’ve received from being back in Indy,” said Dorsett. “I think of Indiana, specifically Indy, as the Tech Capital of the Midwest. It’s so exciting to see all of the growth here and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Dave Duke has a thing for making customers happy

Dave Duke is thankful for his family, his career, and being part of the tech community in Indy, especially since it could have turned out very differently.

Sigstr introduces new Dynamic Campaigns product for employee engagement

Indianapolis-based email signature marketing company Sigstr is capitalizing on the amount of emails employees send – roughly 1 million by every 100 employees –  to create a unique employee engagement opportunity. The company has launched its new Dynamic Campaigns product that offers an internal communication channel with the click of every “compose” button. Think about the […]

Sigstr’s simplified genius is ready for 10x growth

When I first wrote about Sigstr in August I was gobsmacked by its simplified genius. Sigstr is a centralized software-as-a-service platform that helps marketers push content and campaigns to employee email signatures, driving brand consistency and real marketing results with analytics. Why has it taken so long for someone to come up with this idea? […]