5 ways to build a more productive team

Structural COO Chip House explains his five rules for transitioning a collection of star individual players to a cohesive dream team that's highly productive and gets things done.

The self-inflicted talent shortage

Leaders can take advantage of a great opportunity to leverage talent and drive growth in a tight job market, if they know where to look: Structural COO Chip House explains.

Growth strategy starts with human resources

It’s Time To Change the Way Your Organization Leverages Human Resources Structural is an HR technology startup with offices in Indianapolis. Their products help companies get to know their people better and help employees develop deeper connections with their co-workers and company. Scott Burns, the company’s CEO & co-founder, shared with us more on how […]

Hacker and maker: Andy Shi helps build tech ecosystems in Indy Tech Fellowship

The technology bug bit Andy Shi early in life. From Legos and remote-control cars to building and fixing computers, he’s always loved tinkering and building. With the Indy Tech Fellowship, Andy has traveled deep into this passion, exploring the possibilities with some of Indianapolis’ most exciting tech startups. While his interest began while he was […]

Creating an exceptional employee experience is the new normal

Is your organization ready? For most organizations, employees are both the most expensive operating cost and the most important assets. Payroll costs typically account for 30 percent to 50 percent of an organization’s total operating budget, a figure which doesn’t include insurance, benefits, and other financial rewards now considered standard by most HR leaders. In […]

Why getting your culture right should always be your first priority

There is no shortage of challenges for fledgling startups. From securing funding, to creating a differentiated product, to breaking into new markets, the road to success is long and filled with obstacles, and the odds are stacked against you. According to Forbes, 90% of tech startups will fail. As soon as any new startup launches, […]