Back to the future: Virtusa creates tech trend almanac

Virtusa xLabs, the global consultancy’s digital innovation hub, has identified the top 10 tech trends likely to impact business within the next five years and released their Tech Trends Almanac for download.

Tech taking its rightful place at the boardroom table

Virtusa's Senior VP and Indianapolis Center Head Mark Ohrvall asserts the importance of agility in businesses of all sizes as pressures to be innovative increase and how access to high-quality innovation partners has opened up to more companies in Indiana.

Strategic partnerships create the best client solutions

Virtusa Senior VP and Indianapolis Center Head Mark Ohrvall discusses how the company creates partnerships to help execute major projects and services.

Mark Ohrvall and Virtusa are redefining global, digital workforce model

Tech companies come in all sizes, from the one-person startup to the multibillion-dollar enterprise. No matter how big they are, however, these companies all rely on technology to create their products and sell their services, and the costs to stay at the top of their games can add up fast, especially so for larger enterprise-level […]

10 Most Viewed Stories of 2017

2017 was full of exciting topics to write about, as proved by our Biggest Tech Trends and Announcements of 2017 list. This year, we published 245 stories written by us and the community of techies, entrepreneurs, marketers, CEOs, venture capitalists, and more. Of all the stories we shared, which ones got the most attention? Below […]
Virtusa named "Most Innovative Technology Company of the Year”

Virtusa stakes its claim as the leader in innovation-as-a-service

Technological advances like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, serverless and microservices architectures, and even trendy blockchain are changing the way we do business dramatically and forever. The world is smaller and more accessible and the same time more complex with an accelerated pace of change difficult to manage. It’s a daunting task […]