Wipro’s Nathan Carson helps people around the world find a path into tech

Computer programming was a hobby for Nathan Carson when he went to Center Grove High School located 30 minutes south of Indianapolis. He was in a garage band, too. They were just things he did because he liked them. At the time, he couldn’t have imagined a successful career in the tech industry or his […]

Wipro’s Alli Gunderson returns to Butler to teach Salesforce admin skills

Alli Gunderson made a bit of a splash last week when her alma mater and largest business partner both featured her in stories about the Salesforce skills training course she’s teaching. Alli is a 2017 graduate from Butler University who has carved out a nice niche for herself at Wipro in Indianapolis. Wipro (formerly Appirio) […]

Appirio looking forward to next chapter at Jonathan Jennings Elementary

With its headquarters in the heart of downtown, Appirio has operated in Indianapolis for more than eight years. Integrating with its parent company, Wipro, Appirio has embraced the philanthropic values steeped in Wipro’s Sustainability statement: “Sustainability at Wipro is all about Good Citizenship. It stems from the belief that corporations are socio-economic citizens and that […]

Appirio’s Kalvin Jones empowers unserved communities and solves problems through coding

After living and working in Georgia and Kentucky, Kalvin Jones, a quadruple-certified Salesforce consultant and Butler University grad, chose to come back home to Indiana to make a difference. His first job back in Indianapolis was with Salesforce followed by a startup and a couple of consulting gigs. Just about a year ago, Kalvin landed […]

Trade mission to India nets 500 jobs, sister state and plenty of good will

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb returned last week from his third international trade mission in his first nine months as governor. This time he took Indiana’s economic development message to India. Of course, technology jobs are a key focus of the state’s relationship with India, which is undoubtedly why the governor invited TechPoint President and CEO […]

Why worker experience (WX) and customer experience (CX) matter in higher education

Developing and delivering a unique and positive customer experience is no longer an option for educational institutions, it’s a requirement. When college and university leaders shift their mindset by thinking of their students as “customers,” they open the door to improving the school experience by providing interactive, learner-centric environments that offer large returns in the […]
Women’s groups INSIDE tech companies provide a support system

Women’s groups INSIDE tech companies provide a support system

While men might outnumber women in the technology field, there is no lack of support for women in technology in Indianapolis. In fact, as a show of support and encouragement, many women’s groups have been created in internal organizations to support the efforts and contributions of women in technology. In Indianapolis alone, we’ve identified a […]

Salesforce inspired these Indy-based companies to Pledge 1%, now you can too

You already know about part of Salesforce’s impact in Indiana — the software giant is creating more than 800 new jobs and 500 new apprenticeships, and investing $40 million that’s causing a ripple effect of growth and prosperity in the state’s tech sector. What you might not know is that the Pledge 1% movement, a […]