Keeping Your Brand Through an Acquisition

Acquisitions happen for many reasons. Accelerating growth. Financial challenges for the soon to be acquired. Taking out a competitor. Buying (rather than building) a particular technology. Cash in the bank. And on … and on. Of course, most of the time, the real reasons may not even be crystal clear to the outside world, but […]

Appirio is holding on to and enhancing its brand and culture

Cloud services provider Appirio relocated its headquarters from San Francisco to Indianapolis in 2015, celebrated 10 years as a cutting-edge, fast-growing company in 2016, and finished out the year getting acquired by India-based Wipro for $500 million in November. Over just a handful of years, Appirio locally grew from a small group of Indianapolis-based remote workers […]

Appirio accelerating growth, doubling hiring in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis tech scene experienced some high-profile M&A activity this past year — including the sales of Interactive Intelligence and T2 Systems — and the $500 million acquisition of global cloud services consultancy Appirio by India-based Wipro certainly belongs on that list. The big question that arises with any acquisition is how will it impact […]

Paula Romero chooses Indy Tech Fellowship to launch career

Paula Romero’s career path to the Indy Tech Fellowship has been nothing if not eventful. Paula was born in Maracay, Venezuela and moved to A Estrada, Spain when she was 11. At 16, she came to Indiana as a foreign exchange student, and at 18, she moved to Indiana for college. Beginning her college career […]

Appirio recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary

Appirio recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and I’d like to look back at how far we’ve come and how much we’ve accomplished since those early days in 2006. Appirio launched as a corporation when four friends and colleagues decided to bet everything on an idea that a fundamental shift in enterprise computing was beginning […]

Appirio wins Tech Company of the Year Mira Award

Global cloud services provider Appirio received the Tech Company of the Year Award during TechPoint’s 17th annual Mira Awards honoring the best of tech in Indiana. Though Appirio has been in the Indianapolis market since 2012, the company announced in August 2015 the designation of the Indianapolis office — the second largest of Appirio’s global […]

1,546 new tech jobs announced in 60 last days

During just the past 60 days, nine Indiana tech companies and tech-enabled companies have announced plans to invest more than $71 million in this state and create up to 1,546 new computer-related jobs. The largest deal in terms of the number of jobs is from Appirio, the cloud services provider that has been growing in […]