The ultimate career launchpad for community-minded tech builders.

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Indy Tech Fellows are innovators, trailblazers, and collaborators.

The Indy Tech Fellowship is a two-year program for new grads, crafted to place developers, designers, and product managers with leading companies where they can hone their skills, fast-track their careers, and impact our community.

“The Indy Tech Fellowship felt like more of an opportunity than just a job offer. The program offers community, opportunities and resources that I could use and build upon.”

– Ashley Zegiestowsky, OneCause

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Full time salaried position

Fellows join leading Indianapolis companies and work on meaningful projects alongside the sharpest tech minds in the industry.

Community of peers

Starting out doesn’t have to mean starting over. Fellows live, work, and play with other equally talented and passionate new grads.

Toolkit to accelerate

Fellows add CTOs, city leaders, and passionate Indy makers to their personal and professional networks. Combined with skills development programs, fellows have everything they need to fast-track their careers.

Change the game

Joining the Indy Tech Fellowship gives you access to the positions, people, and resources necessary to make a real, tangible impact.

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Past host companies

Kunal Agrawal
 Software Engineer, Pattern89

Kunal is a full stack Software Engineer at Quantifi, a High Alpha portfolio company, that specializes in social advertising research and development. He graduated from Purdue University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and is a 5-page paper short of a Psychology minor. Outside of work, Kunal enjoys amateur photography, traveling the world, eating Soylent, live music, and learning new skills.

Jeshua Cooper
Quality Assurance Engineer, PSI

Jeshua is a self-motivated, and hard working person who excels at solving problems. He has a passion for programming and a passion for helping people.

Kyle Fischer
Software Engineer, Renaissance Electronic Services

Kyle Fischer is from a small town in Southern Indiana. He became interested in Computer Science when he joined a FIRST Robotics team his sophomore year of High school. From there a big spiral of events occurred. He worked an internship before starting college at Crane Naval Base. Then after attending Purdue, and working at 3 other internships, he decided to make Indy his home and am now working full time at Renaissance Electronic Services. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, photography, video editing, long walks on the beach, working on side projects, and snow skiing. He always enjoys a good beer so if you want to get to know him better, invite him out for drinks :).

Brandon Groff
Full Stack Engineer, Zylo

Brandon is a multi-platform developer with a knack for User-Experience and a kick of design skills. His passions include mobile and web-based application development and designing for small-screen experiences.

Mitch Klich
Consultant, Appirio

I grew up in Chicago (close to a suburb but the actual city) where I would stay active in sports, and be with friends. I was invited to be a Highsight Scholar while I attend Guerin College Preparatory High School. While attending Guerin, I played soccer and baseball and during the summers worked as a lifeguard. HighSight introduced me to DePauw University where I studied Computer Science. I was introduced to Techpoint during the summer of 2016 where I participated in the first Xtern Bootcamp for 10 weeks. After Graduating in 2017, I currently work as a Consultant at Appirio on the Salesforce Delivery Team.


Ryan Krueger
Associate Product Manager, Angie's List

Grading from the same school as America’s Bulldog (@ButlerBlue3) in May 2017, Ryan is currently at Angie’s List. Fueled by coffee (and thankfully no longer ramen), Ryan enjoys learning about new ideas – usually by listening to podcasts, reading Medium stories, or watching TED talks. As the youngest sibling of four by fourteen years, Ryan has a keen sense that not everything in life goes exactly as planned. As such, while he loves to dream about the future, he tries to maintain a very practical perspective with regards to technology.

Cole Ludwig
Software Engineer, Raytheon IIS

Cole is a Software Engineer working at Ratheon IIS. He is passionate about all aspects of Software Development, but is especially interested in Software Design. While in school at Ball State and on his own, he has enjoyed participating in many hackathons and Game Jams. He was also a part of Xtern class of 2016 through which he worked at Plow Digital, making games. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Human Computer Interaction at IUPUI. In his spare time, Cole enjoys playing tabletop games and outdoor adventure activities like hiking and scuba diving.


Erik Mudrak
Developer, TechniPhi

Erik grabbed his Computer Science degree from Transylvania University (they’re 99% vampire-free) and moved straight up to Indianapolis to start a career in tech. Within weeks of connecting with Techpoint’s crew, they had landed him a job at TechniPhi: a fraternity & sorority software company. Erik loves frontend development almost as much as he (and many other Tech Fellows) love living in and being a part of downtown Indy.

Cameron Mueller
Demand Generation Associate, SmarterHQ

Cameron Mueller is a Demand Generation Associate working at SmarterHQ on their Marketing team. There, he is responsible for inbound lead strategy by creating a marketing automation infrastructure, championing email and advertising campaigns, optimizing their digital presence, and other ways to drive new business. Cameron earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing at Ball State University. Now, he is eager to join the thriving tech community in Indianapolis. In his free time, Cameron loves to explore his passions of 16mm film collecting, coffee, scuba diving, and hiking.

Marwan Nakhaleh
Software Development Test Engineer, Sallie Mae

Marwan is a friend, an educator, a software engineer, and a student of life. He works at Sallie Mae as an SDET, but in addition, he is making an impact by helping lead the automation testing movement there. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks, playing piano, guiding his mentees, and trying new foods.

Dipali Patel
IT Analyst, Eli Lilly and Company

Being a part of the TechPoint Fellowship has allowed me to connect with Indy and its people in a whole new way. It has shaped me and has given me the opportunity to develop myself and this community.

Ryan Pferrer
Tier 2 Support, DoubleMap

Ryan is a recent graduate of Purdue University where he studied Industrial Management with a concentration in Computer Science. He started studying Computer Science but realized he liked the business-side of technology more as his collegiate career progressed. That interest was set in stone after an internship working in the Professional Services department at T2 Systems in 2016 and was continued in his role as an application consultant at Kronos. He now works as Tier 2 Support for DoubleMap.

Parimal Rane
Senior Software Engineer, PactSafe

Parimal is passionate about understanding and mastering emerging technologies. His many projects have allowed him to focus on designing new and innovative apps that create a better tomorrow.

Miles Reiter
UX Designer, NorthQuad LLC

Miles Reiter is a UX Designer at NorthQuad LLC, a shared expense R&D group that develops the products for Lumavate and Bolstra. Miles has always been fascinated by technology, poking around an old Mac G4 as a kid, producing consumer electronics reviews in high school, or diving deep into solving problems facing users of the products he designs today.

Kenny Tam
Technical Consultant, Appirio

Kenny Tam graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in Communications. He is originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana but currently resides in Indianapolis where he works as a tech consultant at Appirio, a WIPRO company.

Kaleb Weddle
Software Engineer, Renaissance Electronic Services

Kaleb Weddle is from Greenwood, Indiana. He attended Anderson University for 3 years while gaining a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. While in college, Kaleb was and intern at Genesys(Interactive Intelligence) before joining the Tech Fellowship. Kaleb now works at Renaissance Electronic Services where he is a Software Engineer in Test. During his free-time Kaleb enjoys Golfing, playing other various sports, and hanging out with friends.

Chris Trausch
Design Director & Co-Founder, OMNE

Christopher recently completed his sophomore year studying Network Engineering & Cybersecurity at Purdue University. One year ago he founded a software company focused on designing and developing a new mobile application called “OMNE.” They plan to launch a Kickstarter to publically release the details of the project in Fall of 2017. His fields of study are hosted through the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. His interests range from entrepreneurship, design, and investment finance to Network Security and Cloud based enterprise systems. In his free time on the weekends Chris enjoys visiting live music venues, washing his car, and spending time with his friends and family.

Lujia Zhang
Machine Learning Engineer, DemandJump

Lujia Zhang, also goes by as Luke. Luke is a passionate computational scientist and mathematician working on a wide range of problems in machine learning and marketing analytics. With a triple major degree in Computer Science, Software Engineer and Mathematics from Rose-Hulman Insitute of Technology, Luke is currently working for DemandJump as a machine learning engineer. Unlike others, Luke was born and raised in China, he chose to come to the United State to finish high school and college. Therefore, Luke is bilingual in both chinese and english. Quite simply put, Luke is a smart, funny and outgoing guy to be around.

Ian Andrews
IT Analyst, Eli Lilly and Company

Born and raised in Texas, Ian drove over 1000 miles to leave his mark on Purdue. His studies focused on information technology and entrepreneurial applications. Outside the classroom however, you could find him representing his residence hall, singing in choir, taking photographs atop parking structures, managing the rec-center, carving his longboard in bike lanes, or playing drums at church. Ian was introduced to TechPoint through an internship with Interactive Intelligence where he joined the second Xtern class. After a summer in Indy he felt there was more opportunity the city had to offer and decided to become a Tech Fellow.

Alexander Correa
Product Marketing Specialist, Angie's List

As an Xtern, Alex worked at Angie’s List as a Product Analyst where he helped establish the first outline of the escalation process and plan the migration to Angie’s List’s new technology stack. After graduating from Butler University with a bachelors in Computer Science, he transitioned to full-time at Angie’s List as a product marketing specialist where he coordinates the launch and communication needs for the internal tools team. As a Tech Fellow, Alex thrives in team settings and specializes in communication; with a passion for tech and service, he hopes to always push Indy forward.

Alexis Fink
Software Developer, Performance Assessment Network (PAN)

Alexis has enjoyed working with technology most of her life. As a freshman in high school, she took her first computer science class and immediately fell in love with coding. She went on to major in computer science at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. During college she took internships at Rose-Hulman Ventures and DeveloperTown. After college, she came to work at PAN as a Software Developer.

Tylor Garrett
Software Engineer, Angie's List

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Tylor Garrett has always had a love for technology. From building websites in high school, to graduating with a degree in Computer Science from Purdue University, technology and Indiana has always been in his blood. Tylor is a Software Engineer on the mobile team at Angie’s List, specializing in Android development. In his free time, Tylor loves learning more about finance, entrepreneurship, and web development.

Kate Harrison
Product Owner, Angie's List

Kate works in the Product department at Angie’s List specializing in the consumer mobile app experience. A graduate of Butler University, Kate majored in both Management Information Systems and Marketing. Her position as a Tech Fellow at Angie’s List allows her to explore her passion for technology right in her hometown – Indianapolis, IN. She is also the Chair of Marketing for the IndyX Tech Fellowship, running the program’s social media, designing marketing resources, and educating other fellows on brand usage. In her free time, Kate loves to go to movies, play video games, watch TV, and care for animals.

Mike Hockerman
Software Engineer, High Alpha

Hailing from Purdue University’s exceptional Computer Science program, Mike has worked as an engineer at Interactive Intelligence, Yelp, Purdue ResNet, and now at High Alpha for a pre-launch company. He has served as President of Purdue’s ACM SIGAPP chapter, participated in the formative Xtern First Class, and has multiple collegiate-level Hackathon wins under his belt. Today, he lives and breathes the Tech Fellowship, and zealously serves as its Curriculum Chair.


Aaron Humphrey
Associate Software Engineer, BidPal

Aaron Humphrey is an Associate Software Engineer joining the amazing staff at BidPal. His goal is to help non-profit organizations generate additional donations through user friendly software applications. Before joining Bidpal, Aaron studied Sociology and Computer Science at Indiana University where he worked as a lead undergraduate instructor with Professor Nina Onesti to create new content for the Introduction to Informatics course, teach/train new instructors, and create software to assist with grading. On the side, Aaron is working with Eleven Fifty Academy in Carmel, Ind., where he can pass on his passion for development to all his students!


Chelsie Kasun
Interaction Designer, SEP

Employee of SEP (Software Engineering Professionals), Chelsie Kasun creates interaction and visual design for many startups and Fortune 100 companies that hire SEP for product design and development needs. Self-motivated by her passion to make people the answer to the how and why we build technology, Chelsie delights in creating experiences. She is a conscientious individual willing to take a stand for betterment and innovation. Curious about the way anthropology, human complexities, and patterns influence design, she is a maker who values collaboration. In other areas of her life, she enjoys rock climbing, espresso, and activating civic engagement with her peers.


Harrison Kiang
Developer I, NextGear Capital

As a big data developer in the finance services industry, Harrison builds scalable solutions in the realm of machine learning and data science utilizing distributed computing to accelerate NextGear Capital’s machine learning initiatives.

Mateusz Kosciuk
IT Analyst, Eli Lilly and Company

Mateusz Kosciuk is a recent graduate from DePauw University, where he chose to major in computer science and minor in kinesiology and psychology. This unique combination of studies was selected so that he could integrate his interest in technology and human health to improve the quality of human life. Currently he is working at Eli Lilly as an IT Analyst, where he utilizes his knowledge to develop and support in-vivo research systems. On top of that, he is also the Tech Fellowship’s inaugural Capstone Experience chair, which entails organizing the culminating event for the entire fellowship program.


Nathan Nieman
Associate Software Engineer, Interactive Intelligence

With a background of Computer Science and Mathematics, Nathan Nieman works as an Associate Software Engineer at Interactive Intelligence. Nathan builds tools to make the lives of software testers easier and helps ensure that Interactive’s testing efforts run as smoothly as possible. He graduated in 2016 from Anderson University of his native Anderson, IN. Nathan is passionate about using machine learning to automate repetitive business tasks and providing employees with new technology to help them do their best work. In his spare time he enjoys running, hiking and trying out new recipes.

Gayle Ocampo
Software Development Engineer, Performance Assessment Network (PAN)

Gayle Ocampo is currently a Software Development Engineer at PAN working to integrate newly acquired applications into the company. She recently graduated from Butler University with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Spanish. As an undergraduate, Gayle was a member of the second class of TechPoint’s Xtern program, interning for T2 Systems. In school, she was involved in Butler’s chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery and was a member of the Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor society. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, solving puzzles, and attending trivia nights.


Kyle Potts
Software Engineer, Angie's List

From writing custom languages and compilers to creating mobile applications to help students share lecture notes, Kyle’s passion for software has always been driving force for him in his life. Kyle is a recent Purdue graduate with a degree in computer science and a minor in philosophy. Aside from software, Kyle also enjoys being a car junkie. His favorite car is a Porsche 911 GT3.


Paula Romero
Product Owner, Angie's List

Paula has driven her professional career from the basic principle of improving herself and being passionate about what she does. From the get go, Paula has been very self-driven, walking off on a crowded beach to find new friends 2 miles away from her parents at age 3 to moving to the US in high school by herself and starting from scratch in the search for new opportunities that would challenge her intellect. She started her BA as a Physics major for the theoretical mindset and finished it off through a software development and product management career. On her spare time, she enjoys reading, doing acroyoga, hiking and discovering new craft beers and restaurants around her.

Michael Schutter
Developer I, NextGear Capital

Adventurous, ambitious and determined, Michael is always looking for ways to impress. Whether it is through his development skills or trying to do what people said couldn’t be done, he goes the extra mile to deliver more than expected. Graduating from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Michael’s passion is creating applications that make connecting systems and doing tasks easier. Outside of his professional field Michael enjoys grooving to music, playing video games, going camping, traveling, and making memories with close friends. He has never been outside of the US but hopes to visit London soon.


Andy Shi
Software Engineer, High Alpha - ClearScholar

Andy Shi is a Software Engineer at ClearScholar, a High Alpha company. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Purdue University and is an Indianapolis native. At Purdue, he was highly involved with hacker-maker culture on campus which he now brings to Indianapolis as a Tech Fellow. Outside of his professional career, he loves practicing his design and photography skills and is an avid globetrotter – 18 countries and counting!

Ben Wencke
Software Engineer, Doxly

Ben joined the IndyX Tech Fellowship after graduating from Purdue University with a dual degree in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. He kicked off his career by becoming the second fulltime employee at Doxly, a High Alpha portfolio company. In just a few short months, Doxly has quadrupled in size and secured more than $2 million in investment capital. Within the Tech Fellowship, Ben serves on the civic engagement committee and manages the Fellowship’s technical community service initiatives. Building off of his experience at Doxly and in the Tech Fellowship, Ben’s plans for the future include launching his own tech company in Indianapolis.


Ashley Zegiestowsky
Associate Software Engineer, BidPal

As one of BidPal’s newest full-stack software engineers, Ashley is eager to become part of Indy’s thriving tech community. Graduating from Butler University this past May with a B.S. in Computer Science and Spanish, this ambitious IndyX Tech Fellow has found her home at BidPal helping to further develop and revolutionize BidPal’s market-leading fundraising software. Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys craft beer, any form of dancing, and an adorable little kitten named Nala (the newest addition to her downtown apartment). Through the Fellowship, Ashley aspires to become not only a leader within her field but also a role model and inspiration to all the phenomenal women in tech.