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Customer Success

Do you love teaching people and helping them solve their problems and successfully achieve their goals?  

Customer Success

Customer Success might be the field for you if:

Customer success professionals enjoy building relationships with and helping people and take pride in being the voice of the customer. They have the technical aptitude and ability to learn software products and enjoy understanding how something works. An important role for customer success professionals is to translate software to help customers understand the best ways to utilize their products based on business needs.

Sound interesting? Here are some occupations in this field:

Customer Success Manager

Customer success managers represent a company or brand and are the primary point of contact for any customer concerns regarding product, support, or billing. Their purpose is to provide the best customer experience possible, which in turn will result in customer retention and expansion.

Engagement Manager

Engagement managers support the billing and invoicing of clients and manage client expectations. They handle all accounts payable services and ensure that contracts are carried out according to agreed terms.

Implementation Manager

Implementation managers work with project managers to implement an information system or new process for the customer. Similar to a project manager, implementation managers ensure each member of a project team completes the steps to implement a new process.

Customer Support Representative

Customer support representatives interact with customers on behalf of an organization to provide information about products and services, take orders, respond to customer complaints, and address emergency issues.

Technical Account Manager

Technical account managers provide technical, business and product knowledge to oversee and address customers’ technical needs. They support and strengthen existing customer relationships and lead all technical aspects of the company’s largest customers.

A Customer Success Manager's day might include:

8:00 AM
Start the day with the new customer onboarding meeting to help them implement our product
Send an email to a customer answering a question about our support features
Sit in on a client call with my colleague to compare our strategies for measuring customer engagement
12:00 PM
Actively engage customers with content that will help them utilize our product features
Read an article about how agile management can be used with customer onboarding
Start prepping for a trip to visit clients out-of-state to meet their team and engage them further into our platform

You could work at a company like:

Meet Adam Young, Director of Customer Success at Bolstra
Adam has spent 20 year so far as a professional problem solver in tech. A little over 3 years ago, he joined a brand new company as the very first employee.
Meet Kara Holthaus, Vice President of Client Services at SmarterHQ
Kara believes that customer success is the "heart of the organization," and with that comes responsibility to communicate out internally the wants, needs and struggles of a company's customers.
Meet Tim Butler, VP of Enterprise Delivery at Lumavate
Growing up, Tim always had the urge to take things apart and figure out how they worked. Today he spends every day analyzing problems and coming up with the best solutions.
Dave Duke has a thing for making customers happy
Dave Duke is thankful for his family, his career, and being part of the tech community in Indy, especially since it could have turned out very differently.

Educational requirements could include:

4 year University degree is typically required, and Project Management/PMP certification is a plus.

Ready to see some jobs?

Video Creator - Independent Contractor

Carmel, Indiana
0-2 Years,
Customer Success

Enrollment Management Communication Center Representative

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN
0-2 Years,
Customer Success

Client Success Manager

Clinical Architecture
Carmel, IN
3-5 Years,
Customer Success

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