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Data Science

Do you love solving puzzles, finding answers to questions, and using data, statistics, and software to do it?

Data Science

Data Science might be the field for you if:

Data science professionals enjoy extensively thinking about solving abstract problems about data and technology. To do so, they must also show a strong interest in computer science, math, and in ongoing education and research to continue to stay up to date in the field. Data science professionals are curious and voracious learners, and have a natural ability to share and simplify.

Sound interesting? Here are some occupations in this field:

Data Scientist

Data scientists design and construct new processes for data modeling and production using prototypes, algorithms, predictive models, and custom analysis. They take an enormous mass of messy data points (unstructured and structured) and use their formidable skills in math, statistics and programming to clean, manage and organize them.

Data Engineer

Data engineers build massive reservoirs for big data. They develop, construct, test and maintain architectures such as databases and large-scale data processing systems.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers typically have stronger software engineering skills than data scientists and work with engineers to maintain production systems. They often code the algorithms provided by data scientists into the production system.

A Data Scientist's day might include:

9:00 AM
Meet with the customer success team to get feedback about a new product issue we can help solve
Prepare a visual analysis to explain a new language process my team created for our product
Start coding to perform and automate statistical analyses
12:00 PM
Continue coding in a quiet environment to allow for focused work
Engage with my manager for a review of my code and process development
6:00 PM
Wrap up the day by reading a recent article on new data science methodologies

You could work at a company like:

Meet Zachary Cardwell, Data Scientist at Springbuk
Zachary says nothing is more exciting than finding an elegant answer to a difficult problem. Read about his career in tech from IT analyst to data scientist.
Meet Charlene Tay, Data Scientist at High Alpha
Charlene was excited by how the field of data science is a promising way of applying curiosity and technical tradecraft to create value from data. She earned her MS in Data Science from Indiana University and now works at High Alpha.
Meet Luke Zhang, Machine Learning Engineer at DemandJump
Luke Zhang loves to solve problems with data. Read about why he chose Indy for his data science career.
Data scientist Mark Clerkin's journey, gamble and dream
Ten years ago, I left Indianapolis in pursuit of a dream to join the most cutting-edge team I could possibly find. That search led me to Chicago, London, and back again. Along the way I worked with brilliant people, implemented cutting-edge technologies, and had some tremendous success. The journey has now brought me and my family back to Indianapolis where I plan to utilize all I have learned in order to create a world-class data science team at High Alpha.

Educational requirements could include:

4 year University degree is typically required, and Project Management/PMP certification is a plus.

Ready to see some jobs?

Data Scientist

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
Indianapolis, IN
3-5 Years,
Data Science

Product Analyst Intern

Angi, ANGI Homeservices/Angie's List
Indianapolis, IN
0-2 Years,
Data Science

Business Intelligence Specialist - Master Data Management

Parkview Health
9+ Years,
Data Science

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