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Are you passionate about crafting beautiful, functional user experiences?


Design might be the field for you if:

You have a desire for artistic expression that you enjoy using to start up and carry out design projects. Designers have the ability to come up with functional solutions to complex problems and a knack for focusing on small details. In addition to personal creativity, designers can relate and empathize with customers, and incorporate research in industry trends and design standards.

Sound interesting? Here are some occupations in this field:

Product Designer

Product designers define the experience and interface of products as well as the company and product naming. A product designer will create wireframes, prototypes, and style guides as well as conceptualize naming conventions. They research how to improve products and interact with engineers and developers who build the product and shape the final outcome.

Marketing Designer

Marketing designers use different typography, composition, color and visual identity to create marketing assets that represent the product or company to the outside world and compel prospective or current customers to feel an emotion or take an action.

Interaction Designer

Interaction designers focus on how a user interacts with a product. This role is typically very specialized on user interface details such as movement, animation and visual aesthetics.

A Designer's day might include:

8:00 AM
Start industry trend research needed for a new design project
Send off print-ready designs of new marketing material for an upcoming event
Put the finishing touches on a slide deck for our investor pitch meeting
12:00 PM
Design and mockup new product feature for next release
Attend a company sales call to see how our beta project is pitched and what the customer reacts to in the design
Catch up on tech trends and design by reviewing favorite news outlets and resources

You could work at a company like:

Meet Chelsie Kasun, Interaction Designer at SEP
Employer: SEP Job Title: Interaction Designer Degree path: Informatics B.S. with Human-Centered Computing Cognate, Indiana University (Bloomington) Hometown: Evansville, IN Current City: Indianapolis, IN What led you to your getting into tech and this occupation? What was your first job in tech? I was good at math in high school, so my math teacher asked...
Meet Andy Kennedy, Senior Design Partner at Innovatemap
Andy loves to change they way people see things and impact businesses through great design. Read about why he loves his career at Innovatemap.
Meet Kolby McElvain, Senior Designer at High Alpha
As a senior designer at High Alpha, Kolby gets to use creativity to come up with things that have never existed or to utilize current tech and ideas in new ways.
Nick Klooz Zylo
Unplanned Journey: My career in design at a fast-growing startup
As marketing designer at Zylo, I work on designing and developing creative projects to support nearly every aspect of the business including marketing, sales, and customer service, all while upholding and progressing the Zylo brand. The mix of everything I do might be, as I’m finding, just the right blend of art and tech.
Design brought Rohit Jesudian from Dubai and Mumbai to Indy
With design, you have the ability to visualize your failures in a controlled environment without it affecting your business or your client-facing platforms. I am also surrounded by an amazing engineering team that pushes me and takes my vision even further, which ends with us having an amazing product and experience for our customers.

Educational requirements could include:

A degree in multimedia or design is helpful, but many skills must be self-taught.

Ready to see some jobs?

Senior Platform Development Engineer

Indianapolis, IN
3-5 Years,

Instructional Design Specialist

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN
0-2 Years,

Instructional Design Specialist

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN
0-2 Years,

Jobs in Tech 101

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