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Do you have a passion for working with financial data and interpreting how a business makes money?


Finance might be the field for you if:

Professionals in finance enjoy gathering and analyzing complex information. Their intellectual curiosity fuels a desire for continuous improvement, and they are able to follow stringent financial procedures, rules, and laws. Roles in finance typically require the ability to work well individually or on a team, and to communicate effectively across a variety of departments.

Sound interesting? Here are some occupations in this field:


Accountants record business transactions on behalf of an organization, report on company performance to management, and issue financial statements. They are trained in bookkeeping and in preparation, auditing and analysis of accounts.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst researches macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions and gathers financial information along with company fundamentals in order to make business, sector and industry recommendations to the company. They assess the performance of stocks, bonds and other investments and provide guidance on making investment decisions.

Finance Manager

Financial managers provide financial reports and interpret financial information to managerial staff while recommending further courses of action. They advising on investment activities and provide strategies that the company should take to maintain the financial health of the organization.

A Finance Manager's day might include:

8:00 AM
Join a call with leadership to discuss new hiring plans for the next quarter
Close last month's financials and build a report for senior leadership
Process payroll for our employees and contractors, then review invoices for vendors
12:00 PM
Meet with IT vendors to review cost-savings of contract support
Prepare a slide deck of financials for an upcoming investor meeting
Assist younger managers with their budgets and prepare discussions for the next quarter

You could work at a company like:

Meet Justin Bates, Director of Finance at SmarterHQ
Justin's career started in a big accounting firm, but he realized the tech startup world was perfect for him. Read about his career path to becoming the Director of Finance at SmarterHQ.
Meet Devin Burns, VP of Finance at Zylo
Devin Burns' first job in finance was as a CFO of a US Submarine. Read about how startup tech life was similar to his naval experience in his profile story.
Venture Capital Series: What's it like to be a venture analyst?
Meet two new up-and-coming venture analysts, Nathan Hahn and David Steckler with Elevate Ventures. As venture analysts, they are responsible for focusing on market research and investment due diligence for prospective companies, as well as secondary engagement in providing solutions for existing portfolio companies.
Venture Capital Series: What does a venture analyst do?
Jackie DiMonte serves as a venture analyst at Hyde Park Venture Partners where she spends her time evaluating companies, performing deal work and coordinating the firm’s data and reporting processes. With headquarters in Chicago and Indianapolis, the firm has a number of Indiana tech companies in their portfolio including Bolstra, DemandJump, Vibenomics and Sigstr. We asked Jackie, a Sr. Associate based in the Chicago office, a few questions about what it means to be a venture analyst.

Educational requirements could include:

A bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or related field is typically required.

Ready to see some jobs?

Financial Systems Specialist, GS-501-7 (Target Grade GS-11)

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)
Indianapolis, IN
0-2 Years,

Budget Specialist

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN
3-5 Years,

Financial Wellness Counselor - Part-time, No Benefits

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN
0-2 Years,

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